Vimond Media Solutions

From broadcast experts, to powering OTT Solutions

Our story began in Norway’s TV 2, a broadcaster that saw the online opportunity early but could not find a partner to help them realize their vision. So we made our own tools, something based on our own needs and buckets of insight into the broadcast workflow.

Great results meant others took notice, and pretty soon broadcasters were knocking at our door. We knew we had a great product, but simply exporting our tech was not enough. We needed the same passionate team and insight that made TV 2 Sumo a runaway success. As a separate unit, we focus on your need for speed, efficiency and control, packaged in an elegant and user-friendly bundle.


Meet the experts

At Vimond, we think big. This is why we create tools that can make our customers stay ahead of the OTT game and get their content out to consumers fast and easy. Meet the people that create the magic.

The Vimond Team

Helge Høibraaten


The exciting transformations happening in the broadcast market have created more challenges and opportunities for us. Innovation and adaptability have become key to success. Glenn and I started Vimond because we love being a part of the great transformation. E-mail:

Glenn Pedersen


Starting to work in 1996 at TV 2 and, afterwards, founding Vimond together with Helge and the rest of the team, I saw how our products impacted first this big Norwegian broadcaster, then the entire VOD landscape. Now, by going global, we’re thinking big one more time. E-mail:

Andreas Helland


I grew up in the broadcasting environment. Helge hired me at the age of 19 at TV 2, where I witnessed firsthand how the TV 2 Sumo service revolutionized viewer habits in the online space in Norway. It was nothing short of remarkable. Email:


Bente Helenesdatter Pettersen


After having had the great joy of handpicking most of the Vimond team, how could I not want to work with such a fabulous gang of people – all with drive, inner passion and charm! To be Vimond’s first HR manager is an honour. I love the opportunities OTT is giving us. To be in the forefront of this development with Vimond is an adventure. E-mail:

Lasse Johannesen


I’m excited to be part of the Vimond team and the ongoing expansion of the company with its product range,  client base and geographical footprint. The company is innovative with truly committed employees showing a real passion for everything we do. To be allowed to contribute to Vimond’s further success is an honour. E-mail:

Oscar Gutierrez

VP Business Development

I joined Vimond because I like the thrill of the ups and downs, of going to the unknown, and as Frank Sinatra says: “You’re ridin’ high in April, shot down in May, But I know I’m gonna change that tune, When I’m back on top, back on top in June!”.  Email:

Kine Lunde

Director Operations

I´ve spent more than a decade in online and mobile startups, and witnessed incredible changes. Since broadcasting, online and mobile technologies are merging, I was very excited to join the Vimond team and be part of the next technological revolution. Email:

Kari-Anne Lysen

Office Manager Europe

I joined Vimond because it was a great opportunity for me to work with talented people who love their job and who believe in making a difference. It’s a company that allows you to grow and learn something new every day – an opportunity I didn’t want to miss! Email:


Laila Leonida

VP Product Strategy

I believe our product is shaping the future. I want to be part of this adventure together with my amazing colleagues. I love every aspect of what we are doing, and I feel the thrill of working with such skilled and smart people. I love every aspect of what we are doing.Vimond has drive and passion! Email:

Ketil Moland Olsen

VP Product Development

I don’t want to just observe how the media industry is changing. I want to be part of actively shaping its future. Having worked in the media industry for close to ten years, I have no doubt about where we are headed (that’s online, of course). I am passionately interested in online broadcasting. E-mail:

Thomas Aalén


I see us as a bunch of passionate people that really like to work with technology, people that care about their work environment. We’re seen as technical explorers, working on bleeding edge. We have a lot of experience both in technology, and in streaming video. E-mail:


Anders Instefjord

Streaming Specialist

We are part of the online video revolution. VOD and streaming won the battle and Vimond was there from the beginning. The broadcasting insight that most of the members of the team had was one of the factors that helped us stay ahead of the competition. E-mail:

Christoffer Eide

Senior Developer

I joined Vimond because I like to work with talented people, and the products we make are both exciting and challenging to work with. I’m having so much fun at work that I really wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. Email:

Olve Sæther Hansen

Senior Developer

When I learned what Vimond is about, I just had to apply! The work environment is hectic but friendly and very competent. Working here, I will develop myself as a person and a professional, as we are always creating new products and be innovative. Email:

Fridtjov Fremstad

IT Operations Manager

The best thing here is the tempo, the speed with which things are happening. We also have great clients. It is good to know that you’re always in control: we are making sure the customers are up and running and the installations are done as they are supposed to.

Vidar Grasdal

VP Engineering USA

Prior to joining Vimond I was working at the parent company TV 2. Vimond is a very innovative company full of great people that had a product that showed huge potential. Vimond has transition from a Bergen startup into an international company. E-mail:


Otgontulga Ganbaatar


I joined Vimond because during the interview they promised me that the work would be hectic and challenging, and there are millions of things to be done. It sounded like fun, and it has been. We gathered a lot of friendly, nice and competent people here, with lots of know-how. Email:

Tor Erik Alræk

Player Specialist

Joining Vimond was a unique opportunity to stay in front of the big technological leaps being made in digital entertainment these days. Of course it also would be impossible to resist being part of the great mix of fine people at Vimond. Email:

Henrik Larsen Toft


First of all I don’t “like” working at Vimond, I LOVE working at Vimond. It’s a great place to work and I feel that what we do makes a difference, not only for our company, but for the industry as well. We get to work with exciting technology and be creative. E-mail:

Børre Andre Sandvik

SVP Product

I joined Vimond because I wanted to work for an innovative company that wants to make a BIG difference to our customers! I also wanted to have the possibility to work both with customer deliveries and product development in this cutting edge industry. Email:

Kevin Caballero

VP Video Technology

I’ve worked in the broadcast industry my entire career, joining Vimond was just the right step for me to work in an innovative company on what I believe is the future of Television. And together, we created some outstanding products. E-mail:

Vidar Steen

Solution Architect

I joined Vimond because of the people and the challenging work here. I really enjoy making all the little pieces click together so that the whole works in the end. I just love it when small finesses make something work even better than originally anticipated. Email:

Mads Emil Herteig

Head of Product Innovation

This is a company that encourages creativity. We can mix our personal passions with our job, so we can come up with fresh ideas, then we have the ability to develop what we were thinking of and transform it into worldwide used products. E-mail:

Vegard Vaage

Technical Manager

Vimond – technical skill, genuine passion for our domain, and a culture that strives for and supports innovation. How could I not join? We face challenges everyday and know that there will always be someone to give a hand when required. E-mail:


Vincent Quaegebeur

Software Developer

At Vimond, I have the opportunity to work and cooperate with enthusiastic and experienced people, and I can learn more every day. In our branch, innovation is a keyword and it is even more the case at Vimond, where everyone can bring in new ideas. E-mail:

Ricco Førgaard

Senior Developer

I joined Vimond because it’s a place with huge growth potential for both me and the company which is really exciting to be a part of. I worked on important clients and I really think we are taking OTT services to the next level. Go watch The Wire. It’s truly a masterpiece. E-mail:



I joined Vimond because it combines my passion for TV, programming and innovating. I love the way it feels like anything can happen, and the sense of participating in something big. We’re shaping the future of television. My recommendation: Doctor Who. Must watch it. Don’t blink!

Kelly Moulton

Market Consultant

I work with sales, primarily in the US. Trying to find the right people in the right organizations at the right time – and then say something interesting. Ask the right questions. This is what I do at Vimond. Me and my wife are now watching Broen, Hæsjtagg, Borgen and The Americans. E-mail:

Debora Coelho Færø

Test Engineer

I joined Vimond because I believe that my experience and my technical knowledge can contribute to the development of the company. I also want to learn new things and overcome many challenges together with the Vimond family. Email:

Marius Skaar Ludvigsen

Front-end developer

Here, I get to work with and learn from competent people that are passionate about the same things that I am: programming, streaming, broadcasting. I worked on challenging projects and this is important for my professional growth. E-mail:

Ørjan Taule

Senior Developer

This is a place where anything can happen. At first, I worked in Vimond for over a year as a consultant, and after doing other things for a while I realized how much I missed this amazing place and its atmosphere, the kind and talented people, and all the fun stuff we get to do for our customers. Email: Ø

Allekta Ilinca Hatu

Marketing Manager

We call it “the Vimond family”. Each colleague is brilliant and multi-tasking, “playing for tomorrow”. The mix of different passions leads to a process where amazing products are created. The Vimonders are complex – both as people, and as professionals. The joy of piano playing, the excitement of a good movie, the energy of hikes, all these things are added on top of a great interest in creating cutting-edge, world-changing technology. E-mail:

Stein Erik Sørhaug

VP, Product Strategy

I like working at Vimond because of all the awesome people and the Norwegianess. We are an innovative, competent and enthusiastic team, a great collection of clever minds. The US market is very different than the Norwegian one, but we managed to bring the Vimond spirit wherever we went. E-mail:

Magdalena Krajzewicz

Financial Analyst

I like Vimond because it is a challenging company. The people here are great. Also, the Vimond experience is a good self development opportunity for me. I am working on a lot of challenging projects and we also attracted important clients. E-mail:

Are Venes


I love that we work with upcoming technology, like streaming of media, which I believe is the future of how we deliver content. Lately, I am also impressed by the fact that the company is expanding more and more, so the projects grow in complexity and it gets even more interesting. E-mail:

Mads André Lundeland


I am now working on a very interesting project that can change the industry. My colleagues are very skilled and really nice. I think that we can change the OTT landscape in time, as we gathered together a lot of talented people, with different skills, from all around the world. E-mail:

Simon Oddy

System Operations Adm

Vimond is a fast moving team of highly skilled people. The Vimond Team is exceptionally good at what they do. No-one is ever too busy to help you in your moment of need and stress levels never get in the way of producing a quality product for the customer. E-mail:

Viktor Olson

Sales Manager

I love watching online video, especially in the morning when taking the bus to the office. Actually a few of my favourite video-services are powered by Vimond. That means all my colleagues work super hard every day just to make my morning ride even more amazing and inspiring. E-mail:

Håvard Bertelsen

Software Engineer

Vimond offers a unique possibility for me to work at the intersection of two my passions, technology and media. Vimond is shaping the future of online broadcasting, and I am excited that Vimond has emerged from the tech community in Bergen. I am proud to be working here! E-mail:

Jose Martin

Software Engineer

I have previously worked at TV 2 and I am used to the products and services of this company. There are few markets that are as changing and as competitive as this one and I love the busy but happy atmosphere in the office. We can be efficient and relaxed at the same time here. E-mail:

Matteo Luzzi


I am very glad to be part of this team. I really like the rhythm with which things are moving. The projects that I am working on can really make a difference. Our work is appreciated and we get to learn from the best. A good environment for a young professional! E-mail:

Snorre Olderøy Lærum


When I applied,  Vimond was looking for developers who wanted to take part in “shaping the future of television”. That was absolutely something I wanted to do! My co-workers are extremely talented and I am grateful to be part of this team. E-mail:

Glenn Davanger

Senior Developer

I have been a consultant for Vimond for many years, so it felt natural to join the team now. I never run out of things to learn in this field. I think that VOD is the future – we should be able to watch the shows we like whenever we want to. E-mail:

Ketil Hunn

Senior Developer

The best things here are the people and the projects. It’s more about the scale, large, international customers. Vimond is a small company, still expanding, and we are allowed to be creative. A lot of good things can come out of playing. E-mail:

Dag Viggo Lokøen

Senior DevOps

The combination of making products that help shape the future of media delivery and consumption, a work environment filled with skilled colleagues and the chance of solving challenging problems on a large scale was irresistible to me. E-mail:

Aleksandra Bruun


I was very happy to be joining the team, as Vimond is a company well known not only in Bergen, but also in all Scandinavian countries. It started to draw international attention by acquiring worldwide known clients. E-mail:

Daniel Walldal Wiig


Media and streaming have always been my hobbies, so this is just the right place to be in. The industry is growing exponentially. This is a great opportunity for me to work with something that I love! I am also very passionate about gaming. E-mail:

Sondre Johannessen


After I visited Vimond, it seemed there was no other company that had the same new technology. I also wanted to work with the ones that interviewed me. Working with our solution is definitely a great start in my career! E-mail:

Matias Høibraaten

Regional Sales Manager

It’s the people that are the best thing at Vimond. Everyone I’ve met has been not only smart, efficient and extremely good at their job, but also heart warming people who appreciate humour. Working for an OTT Services company is great because this way we keep our eyes on the future! E-mail:

Kate Murphy

Marketing Manager

From the start of the interview process with Vimond there was a sense of ease that I had not previously experienced. It felt right – so the decision to join the US office was a simple one. I love being part of the early stages of an office so I can help it grow but still being part of a larger, global team. E-mail:

Valentijn Peter Siebrands

Solutions Architect

Joining this company was an easy choice. Adding the 16th nationality to the Vimond Media Solutions’ team really shows the big picture behind the scenes. With offices spanning the globe and excellent people, we will definitely redefine broadcasting together! E-mail:

Cecilie Nonås

Head of UX

I love being part of innovative teams where developers, strategists and designers work together delivering exceptional user experiences. The opportunity to work with such a competent and passionate team, actively shaping the future of the media industry, was simply impossible to reject. E-mail:

Jim Schoenburg

VP Sales North America

I’m very excited to be part of the Vimond expansion in the U.S. The company has innovative, ground breaking products and such a warm, open culture that I feel very fortunate to be a part of this committed, forward thinking team. Vimond truly is in the right place at the right time with the right products and the right people.  E-mail:




Ådne Iden Høiland


From the first interview, I understood that being part of Vimond is something special that I didn’t want to miss. Everyone here is really passionate about technology, about our great products and here people are talented, experienced and dedicated. We also get to work with the most innovative customers all over the world. E-mail:

Gisle Njaastad

Account Manager

Playfulness, passion, team spirit – these guiding concepts in Vimond connect very well with me. With my background in communication studies, combined with experience in different industries, I’m delighted to be part of a team that delivers world class solutions in the fascinating, expanding world of online TV. E-mail:

Tormod Smith Svanevik


After working for Vimond as a consultant, I knew that I just had to apply for a permanent position. A lot of talented people are working here and employees are encouraged to be playful and creative. The hectic, but fun work environment is an essential part of the Vimond culture, and it is the key to success when creating great products. E-mail:

Ivar Hopland

Support Agent

The way video content gets delivered to masses is undergoing a paradigm shift. From my first interview with Vimond, it became clear to me that this is the place to be when it happens. I get to work with what I love, in an incredibly professional and hospitable environment. E-mail:

Thomas Lundberg


Great professionals, innovative colleagues and a nice atmosphere – this is what I found at Vimond. Here, I have found people with vision, that love what they are doing. We are all passionate about online TV and this is definitely a gate to the future of broadcasting. E-mail:

Hjalti Heimir Gíslason

VP Tech Operations & Support

I had followed Vimond’s growth from the sidelines for a number of years before joining, and to me it is the promise, passion, progress, product and people that make this company. I was attracted to the tangible enthusiasm and ambition in the Vimond family, and the dedication to deliver the very best streaming platform for our partners and the viewers at home. E-mail:

Ole André Scheie

Solutions Architect

My TV-viewing habits have changed drastically over the last years, turning more and more to on-demand TV. In Vimond, I get the chance to be part of this change! I get to work with the best team there is for delivering VOD to our customers. It is also inspiring to work in a company that started as a startup in Bergen, but that is now growing internationally! Email:

Sergio Silva


The innovative and creative products Vimond offers, and the high skilled and passionate professionals were the things that made me want to join in immediately. I’m very glad I got the chance to climb on board and contribute to Vimonds’ projects. It is definitely a big challenge for me, which will teach me a lot. A great environment to work in! E-mail:

Thelo Gaultier


Great technical challenges, cutting-edge technology stack, and passionate people…Those are the things that get me excited to go to Vimond every morning. It is very rewarding to work on products that touch and connect millions of people, but the best thing about Vimond is definitely the people. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the skilled, open and multicultural Vimond family. E-mail:


Angel Alexandrov

Project Manager

Stepping into Vimond, you immediately get a sense of  high enthusiasm – people really enjoy what they are doing here. We are encouraged to have fun, experiment and change the media industry while doing so. What a dream culture to be part of! And what a delight to confirm this impression after officially joining. Hard to explain the joy – it’s like dropping your iPhone without the glass breaking. E-mail:


Kabin Tamrakar

TechOps Engineer

It is a pleasure to be part of Vimond. Being surrounded by passionate, innovative and experienced people, I am gaining a solid understanding of how large-scale distributed systems are working together. I feel really fortunate to join the operations team of Vimond and witness the quality of our OTT services being rolled out to millions of end users around the globe. E-mail:

Amit Kumar Sahu

Sys. Ops. Administrator

It’s a dream for me to be part of Vimond’s expansion in Australia, working and learning new technologies, targeting a demanding market where things change rapidly. Vimond is full of enthusiastic and talented people, so I am looking forward to learning more and contributing towards the development of an expeditiously growing company. E-mail:

Stale Raknes

Senior Developer/ Tech Lead

Technology is my passion, so I joined Vimond to live my dream. I’m proud to be a part of the team developing the future of broadcasting, on the very edge of technology, together with the brilliant minds that one can find here. E-mail:

Desta Marie Beeder

Head of Marketing

I joined Vimond because I wanted to be a part of a company that is in the frontline of the new media evolution. The thought of a company based in Bergen expanding all over the world is very exciting. In order to stay on top you need brilliant, dedicated and hardworking people. Vimond has all that and more. The future of great content is bright. E-mail:

Nicola Walker

Head of Tech. Communication

I was drawn to Vimond because it is full of enthusiastic, creative people who are always trying to improve the way they work. While they’ve been busy creating the great products, they have also created a really special company. I look forward to learning a lot and being a part of Vimond as it grows. E-mail:

Niranjan Natarajan

Operations Engineer

Following my initial time at Vimond as a Consultant, I was fascinated by the pace at which innovative ideas and solutions to challenging problems were approached. It’s the amicable nature and spirit of the people here that compelled me to join this exciting team. Vimond to me is an emerging leader in OTT space, with a blend of multiple nationalities striving for a common goal. E-mail:

Stefanie Holmgeirsdottir

Head of Product Delivery

By joining Vimond I am part of something truly amazing. Vimond is shaping the future of OTT solutions while facilitating and maintaining a creative, fun, high-tempo work environment where working together and empowering each other to be the best we can be, is central. E-mail:

Kjetil Iversen

Tech Development Lead

After nearly 3 years as a consultant in Vimond, I finally decided that I had to join this exciting company. In my opinion, this is one of the most innovative IT environments in Bergen. I get to work with a team of highly skilled professionals who all focus on delivering value for our customers while having fun with state of the art technology. Who could ask for more? E-mail:

Thomas Milford

VP Projects

I’m really honored to be part of the Vimond team here in Bergen. Vimond has an international and unique company culture with dedicated and compassionate people eager to please ambitious customers and have fun at the same time. With innovative products built in close collaboration with our customers, we are prepared for the huge transformations happening now in the media industry. E-mail:

Rune Jordal

Tech Lead Video

I first got to know Vimond as a consultant. I loved the atmosphere from day one. It’s a creative space, dusted with ingenious minds. Vimonders are so in front of the latest trends and technologies, that it makes me feel like a fax machine amongst iPhones. But, even as a fax machine, this is a truly inspiring place to be! E-mail:   

Christian Christensen

Senior UX Designer

It is great working closely with developers and implementing our sketches very fast. We build products able to solve real problems, and offer great user experiences. After seeing a demo of Vimond IO & Highlights and realizing that this runs in the browser, I was very impressed. When I first met the team at the interviews, I knew I needed to join Vimond. Also, our CEO takes these pictures. E-mail:

Suneetha Kalakata

Support Agent

It’s my honour to be part of the Vimond team. It is a place where I can apply my technical skills on online TV solutions. I am excited when facing new technical challenges and I can also improve my knowledge of the industry here. After working as a consultant, I can finally say with pride that I am a “Vimonder”. E-mail:

Kenneth Cuomo

Product Manager

I have known about Vimond and the great people that work there for some time. So when I was shown that Vimond was working on tools for editing video, I was intrigued. This was a new approach, with new possibilities. How could I not be part of a company developing tools that will power the media outlets and newsrooms of the future?! E-mail:

Asle Gaarder

Senior Project Manager

Great technology, great people, great culture, a great company located in Bergen on a greater journey to expand all over the world. This was a no-brainer to me and I am very excited to be part of the Vimond family as a Project Manager. E-mail:

Adam Hinchey

Project Manager

Vimond is a company that truly values people. Lots of companies claim to, but at Vimond it is in its DNA. As a result, the  Vimond family approach work with passion, care, enjoyment and dedication to the customer. Helping clients create improved connections with audiences using the latest technologies and solutions makes Vimond Media Solutions an energizing place to be! I am very excited to be part of the global expansion. E-mail:


Sarah Man

Legal and Contracts Manager

The promise of challenging legal and contractual work in the fast pace of the media streaming industry, entirely outside my previous experience, was just too irresistible to turn down. I am thrilled to become a part of the Vimond story and to work alongside visionary professionals at the top of their game who are serious about what they do, whilst not taking themselves seriously at all.  Looking forward to the fun ride ahead with Vimond! E-mail:

Kristian Berg

Tech Development Lead

I joined the company after almost a year as a consultant because I wanted to continue working with the highly skilled people here. At the pace the company is growing right now, new talented people arrive every week. Getting to work with a team responsible for making the Vimond Platform scale into the future was an opportunity I could not pass. Working with customers from around the world is just a bonus. Email:

Njål Nordmark


Having heard all the buzz around Vimond, I was quick to apply when I found out that there was a need for new developers. Having now joined the team, I get to work with bleeding edge technology solving real and challenging problems. Not only is the technology fascinating, but together with my smart and talented colleagues I get to help our customers implement tomorrow’s leading OTT solutions; I simply cannot think of anything I would rather do! E-mail:

Maylee Mak

Product Delivery Manager

I chose to work at Vimond because I found everything that I wanted from a job in one place; passionate motivated colleagues who strive for excellence, a challenging role that stimulates, and a product that is world class.  I love the fact that Vimond is growing Globally and that there will always be something new to learn and global clients to work with. I love TV so what could be better than working for a company that is defining the future of broadcasting! E-mail:

Halvor Aalen

Incident manager

Working at Vimond has given me a valuable insight into a fast growing technology company. I have always been interested in technology, and working besides Vimonders with decades of professional experience is a dream come true. It is an honor to work with people who are passionate and dedicated to their work! E-mail:

Robert Serena

Key Account Director - APAC

I witnessed Vimond first hand when I was involved in a major rollout of their solution in Australia and thought that I wanted to be part of a company that looks to the future in influencing the OTT space globally with their unique approach. It is an exceptional company, with exceptional people who understand the industry and are for every evolving. I look forward to making Vimond a household name in the Asian and Australian markets and servicing our fantastic clients. E-mail:

Helge Grimen

VP Support

It is all about the people! In Vimond it is like someone has removed the facade as we are facing real people. Likeable, intelligent and charming professionals with genuine passion for our media business. It is a privilege to wake up every morning looking forward to getting to the office to work with them. E-mail:

Chandra Shekar


Vimonders work as a family to develop and revolutionize the online TV world by pushing all its boundaries. OTT TV is one of the contemporary technology buzz words for a whole new generation. I have been working in Telecom companies for the past 6 years developing various applications. With the number of OTT TV users growing in triple digits, we will make sure to deliver the best user experiences. E-mail:

Tomasz Bartos


For me, the atmosphere in Vimond is unique for an IT company. We are working here with a smile on our face. I am very happy to be part of Vimond family. It’s a place where we can develop cutting-edge technology. There are a lot of very talented people here, with an enormous sense of humor. It’s a great thing to know that you make an impact on the future of broadcasting, help people and show them exciting, new possibilities. E-mail:

Helen Huang

Senior Software Engineer

Cutting edge technology and a warm, family-style culture make Vimond stand out from a jungle of opportunities in NYC. I am very excited to be part of the team. I am looking forward to a fun-filled adventurous journey with a gang of tech-savvy, motivated and fine individuals. E-mail:

Simen Brekke

HR consultant

Being part of Vimond is great. Already from day one I met some warm, welcoming people with lots of humour and smiles. Working in a tech company that is innovative, creative and values people is awesome! I look forward to growing with the Vimond family and learn a lot from the talented, fun and experienced people within. E-mail:

Inger Marie Økland

Group Chief Accountant

I like the energy of the company. I’ve heard of Vimond before, that it is a company focusing on innovation and passion. The team is creating the products of the future here and I personally like to see that things get done and we move forward towards the future of technology. E-mail:

Kjetil Villanger

Developer - Trainee

Everyone can see the paradigm shift in television and media consumption, so being part of a company that is changing the online TV landscape is a great opportunity for me. I am passionate about media and technology, my background being in media production and information science. I look forward to working with the Vimond team. E-mail:



Developer - trainee

Joining the Vimond family was a great opportunity for me. I get to work with people that are pursuing innovation and displaying integrity while still remaining playful and passionate about things they love. I’m proud to be a part of this! E-mail:

Yofri Yasar


It is very exciting to support organisations on their journey through the global video evolution by offering innovative and disruptive video solutions while working with some of the brightest minds of the industry. Dedication, ingenuity, agility and lots of passion are key ingredients that make the difference at Vimond! E-mail:

Ravish Nagaraj


Awesome people and cutting-edge tech! That is what Vimond is all about. I am fortunate to be working with a team of talented and brilliant people with great knowledge and expertise in the Media industry. It is indeed exciting to be part of Vimond’s global expansion and work closely with challenging clients. Vimond’s open culture and passion towards developing great products make it undoubtedly every developer’s dream company. E-mail:


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