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From broadcast experts, to powering OTT Solutions

Our story began in Norway’s TV 2, a broadcaster that saw the online opportunity early but could not find a partner to help them realize their vision. So we made our own tools, something based on our own needs and buckets of insight into the broadcast workflow.

Great results meant others took notice, and pretty soon broadcasters were knocking at our door. We knew we had a great product, but simply exporting our tech was not enough. We needed the same passionate team and insight that made TV 2 Sumo a runaway success. As a separate unit, we focus on your need for speed, efficiency and control, packaged in an elegant and user-friendly bundle.


Meet the experts

At Vimond, we think big. This is why we create tools that can make our customers stay ahead of the OTT game and get their content out to consumers fast and easy. Meet the people that create the magic.

Vimond Management Team

Helge Høibraaten


The exciting transformations happening in the broadcast market have created more challenges and opportunities for us. Innovation and adaptability have become key to success. Glenn and I started Vimond because we love being a part of the great transformation. E-mail:

Glenn Pedersen


Starting to work in 1996 at TV 2 and, afterwards, founding Vimond together with Helge and the rest of the team, I saw how our products impacted first this big Norwegian broadcaster, then the entire VOD landscape. Now, by going global, we’re thinking big one more time. E-mail:

Andreas Helland


I grew up in the broadcasting environment. Helge hired me at the age of 19 at TV 2, where I witnessed firsthand how the TV 2 Sumo service revolutionized viewer habits in the online space in Norway. It was nothing short of remarkable. Email:


Bente Helenesdatter Pettersen


After having had the great joy of handpicking most of the Vimond team, how could I not want to work with such a fabulous gang of people – all with drive, inner passion and charm! To be Vimond’s first HR manager is an honour. I love the opportunities OTT is giving us. To be in the forefront of this development with Vimond is an adventure. E-mail:

Lasse Johannesen


I’m excited to be part of the Vimond team and the ongoing expansion of the company with its product range,  client base and geographical footprint. The company is innovative with truly committed employees showing a real passion for everything we do. To be allowed to contribute to Vimond’s further success is an honour. E-mail:

Ådne Iden Høiland


From the first interview, I understood that being part of Vimond is something special that I didn’t want to miss. Everyone here is really passionate about technology, about our great products and here people are talented, experienced and dedicated. We also get to work with the most innovative customers all over the world. E-mail:


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Do you want to be part of the Vimond family? For us, it’s not only about technology, it is mostly about our people.

Our customers hire us for our expertise, talent that we attract from all around the world.

We are a team that creates revolutionary products, with sharp and creative minds, vision and integrity.

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