Helge Høibraaten, CEO Vimond Media Solutions, will be speaking in two panel sessions on the 28th of June, at TVOT San Francisco!


Tackling TV Sports

Cypress Room

This session will examine how established and new players in TV/video sports are reinventing the medium in an era of cord-cutting, multiplatform OTT delivery, immersive entertainment, and increasing use of social media.

Topics of discussion will include: How traditional TV sports offerings will be impacted by such emerging phenomena as sports-free “skinny bundles” and sports-focused niche vMVPD and SVOD services; the pros and cons of the various social-video and OTT platforms (e.g. Twitter, Amazon Prime, Twitch, etc.) for sports programming, and how successful or otherwise those platforms are proving at reaching and monetizing audiences; whether and how sports programming formats need to be reinvented for those platforms; the emergence of eSports and other new genres of sports programming; the potential of live VR to revolutionize sports coverage; and the ways in which established sports broadcasters are innovating (e.g. developing new interactive viewing experiences, such as multiple camera angles, the incorporation of fantasy sports gaming into sports coverage, etc.) in order to face off the threats posed by new competitors. Panelists include:

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Navigating the New Distribution Environment
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The first quarter of 2017 saw an unprecedented rise in cord-cutting, with pay-TV companies losing a total of 762,000 video customers. Meanwhile, a plethora of new virtual MVPD’s, skinny bundles, niche SVOD services and other OTT offerings is emerging to fill the gap; and social-media giants such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are also now rolling out extensive programming line-ups.

This session–which will explore how programming-distribution strategies are adapting to a rapidly evolving and increasingly fragmented TV/video marketplace–will feature a panel of executives who are at the forefront of navigating this uncertain new environment. In addition to explaining how they are innovating their own companies’ distribution strategies in the face of seismic change, and how–in the process of doing that–they have addressed such issues as how to maintain their brands in an increasingly fluid and multiplatform TV universe, panelists will share their thoughts on how they see the distribution environment evolving over the coming months and years. Panelists include:

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Vimond Media Solutions_Helge Hoibraaten_CEO Vimond_Editorial3About Helge Høibraaten, CEO Vimond Media Solutions

Helge Høibraaten is widely recognized as a pioneer in online TV services having developed and launched one of the worlds first OTT services with amazing success, channelling a significant viewership of TV2 to new media channels and opening a whole new revenue stream for this broadcaster.

Before becoming CEO of Vimond, Helge led a team at TV 2 Norway as they built Scandinavia’s most attractive and profitable over-the-top (OTT) service under the TV 2 Sumo brand. With his academic background as a historian, Helge is proud to have forged a team with a broad range of talents and expertise from many disciplines an important factor driving Vimond forward to its position as the preferred solution provider for some of the worlds most innovative media companies.

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