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We have two products that can be used independently of each other or in combination: The Vimond Platform and Vimond Highlights. The Vimond Platform is the foundation for any video service. It allows you as an editor to control the complete flow of the service through a beautiful and intuitive interface. Vimond Highlights is a powerful tool to extract video segments from linear television feeds and publish them in all devices in record time. Three easy steps will bring immediate highlights of sports, news and entertainment to your viewers, on your service or on social media. Both the Vimond Platform and Vimond Highlights are deployed as enterprise software bundles, or as a cloud service managed by Vimond.

The Vimond Platform

PlatformWith the Vimond Platform, you can manage live/linear television feeds as well as on-demand video files, associated metadata, users, bundles, business rules, offers and promotional material to be displayed to your viewers.

The platform is built around a modular service-oriented architecture, which enables a multitude of possible configurations and easy integration points. The modules are: Vimond Transcoder, Vimond Control Center, Vimond Business Center and Vimond Experience.

The modules are managed through an intelligent orchestration layer that couples them together as required by your workflow. Services can then be scaled in an N+N configuration.

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Vimond Control Center

Prepare, manage and publish your videos or live TV feeds to any screen with Vimond Control Center! VCC is the video asset and metadata management interface of the Vimond Media Platform. This product was designed for a large amount of content contributors with granular responsibilities. Unlike other asset management systems, you can extend VCC accounts directly to your contributors with ease and control.

We aimed not only to develop an efficient tool, but also to create a pleasant experience for editors. We know how important it is for your specialists to work with user-friendly software, especially in a business when timing could be everything. VCC was built with great attention to UX, focusing on responsiveness and having intuitive interfaces.

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Vimond Experience

Vimond Experience is a suite of consumer-oriented micro-services, rich application frameworks and reference apps and powerful video players that work together to create a unique online TV experience.

With Vimond Experience, you can activate services such as resume playback of video on different devices, manage the number of devices attached to their account, create playlists, flag videos etc.

Hard time deciding what to watch? Now you don’t have to choose! Our advanced video players support complex viewing preferences. Just watch your favorite TV Channels at the same time. How? Visualize the one you are the most interested in in full screen, and the others – in smaller thumbnails, on top of it. You can switch between them anytime and put another one in the spotlight.

Create a complex and exciting online TV viewing experience for all your sports fans! Show them their favorite competition from 3 different angles – one in full screen, the others – in smaller thumbnails. We’re creating home-producers here. Because every sports fan should focus on what matters the most for them.

Enjoy watching their sports events in full screen, and see, at the same time, highlights from other games – all as it happens. And if they want to see their favorite team score the goal just one more time, it is easy with Vimond’s chaptering functionality.

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Pay it by your rules with Vimond Business Center! Our product allows you to package your content depending on your needs and to organize even large amounts of content in a hierarchy, then link the product packages to nodes in that hierarchy. The length of the subscriptions to product packages can vary – one can have weekly, monthly, annual renewals. Moreover, the platform supports a wide range of payment providers and payment methods.

Create campaigns and give vouchers with free or discounted access to your service! Now it is easy to manage the profile and purchase history of your user with VBC.

Specify a number of devices from which an end user is allowed to access the service and implement geo restriction rules. All this and more in a smart business solution!

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Vimond Highlights

Go from live to on demand in a matter of seconds with Vimond Highlights! You just have to follow 3 easy steps to share short clips extracted from live streams with your audience. Capture the best moments from sports competitions, news or live events and publish them when they matter the most – just as they are happening!

Vimond Highlights listens in on the very same live stream your viewers are already watching and prepares the bits and bytes of the video for further processing.

Your editors will love it, since it has a responsive web interface that’s connected to the Vimond Highlights server. They don’t even have to be in their office. Since the editors are working on the actual adaptive video stream, they can tune in from anywhere. Think of it as traditional proxy editing on steroids. Editors can pause, rewind and fast forward the stream through a completely keyboard-driven workflow, complete with familiar shortcuts. When they find an interesting part in the live stream, all they have to do is select it.

Clips can then be immediately published on your VOD portal, news site, social media platforms, CDN or wherever you configure the tool to push the files.

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Vimond Connect

Can a meaningful social TV viewing experience be constructed for multiscreen consumers? People are being social when they are watching regular TV, but this was not possible for online TV viewing. Until Vimond Connect!

Talking about the content is half the experience when watching TV, whether it is joking about funny clothes, talking about common memories triggered by events in the videos, or discussing around the plot.

Vimond Connect facilitates these experiences and brings them into the 21st century: save your favourite moments from series, comment and share your opinions with your friends, buy that amazing outfit that your favourite TV star is wearing.

Get social! Enjoy TV together with your friends, share the moments and get connected. We make this happen!

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Vimond IO

Vimond IO is a revolutionary new cloud based collaborative storytelling application, special made to meet the new demands in news production. It integrates with the Vimond Platform, and other social platforms, which takes away the unnecessary steps of importing and exporting content. Being browser based, it allows reporters to create stories on site on almost any device, and since it has collaboration built in, coworkers can work together to produce the best quality content.

Vimond IO has all the basic features you would expect of an editing software, such as clip-stitching, frame accurate cutting, voiceover and graphics. Vimond IO renders previews real-time in the browser, while a pool of backend services creates multiple bitrates and distribute them to your selected destinations.

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