Vimond Media Solutions


Our product portfolio consists of our Online TV Solution and our two Storytelling tools.

Use our products alone, or combine them for an even more powerful solution!


The Vimond Platform is our powerful and scalable online video platform. It is the foundation for any video service and allows you to control the complete flow of your online TV solution through a user-friendly interface.

In addition, our range of optional modules allow us to tailor the solution to fit your company’s specific needs – add features such as Rights Manager, Content Curator, Live Channel Planner, Monetization, Insights, and Player Features.


Our Storytelling Tools, IO and Highlights, let you produce broadcast-quality video stories from any computer, and publish them immediately.

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Our powerful Vimond Platform is used by broadcasters and content owners around the world to efficiently manage their online video services, including live, linear and on-demand video. Vimond understands broadcasting workflows, and will support you as you build your online video services.

Our core platform – consisting of Vimond Control Center, Content Manager, Orchestrator and the Content Delivery APIs – gives you a robust online video platform, while our range of optional modules allow us to customize the solution to fit your company’s specific needs.



Vimond Control Center (VCC) is the administrative interface for the Vimond platform, and lets publishers, editors and rights managers access all the modules they need in one place, while system administrators control access and permissions for all users.

VCC offers an efficient, user-friendly interface in a web-browser, and provides access to our platform modules, as well as administrative user management, audit trail logs, an image bank, and video pipeline status overviews. The modular architecture of VCC allows for easy addition or removal of modules, as well as integration of functionality developed by third-parties. It has been developed in close co-operation with the editorial, technical and product staff of several broadcasters.

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Vimond Orchestrator

Our backend video workflow engine, Vimond Orchestrator, manages the flow of online video from ingest to through media asset management to distribution and playout. It includes built-in support for a full range of ingest and playout formats, external systems and storage types, as well as loading of audio and subtitles. Vimond Orchestrator is incredibly flexible, scalable and efficient.

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Vimond Acquisition Manager

Rights, content, regions. Vimond Acquisition Manager makes managing your content rights efficient and uncomplicated. Contract managers, publishers and content managers now have an easy way to track complete content lifecycles. Define your contracts and regions. Trigger creation of the relevant assets in Content Manager and ingest the videos. Share contract data via export or the API. Our integrated workflow saves time and minimizes duplication and errors.

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Vimond Content Manager

Content Manager is our user-friendly tool for managing all aspects of your video assets. As an editor or content manager, you can enhance content by adding chaptering and subtitles, quickly define publishing windows, select promotional images from the image bank and then publish to your customer portal.

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Vimond Content Curator

Vimond Content Curator allows you to promote featured content in your customer portal and easily organise content in your carousels, menus and featured lists. Designed for content managers, editors and curators, this tool features a user-friendly interface and advanced search options that make lists easy to create and straightforward to manage. Bookmark your favorite playlists to make regular adjustments even easier.

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Vimond Insights

Vimond Insights gives you visibility over your subscribers’ viewing habits, in the same interface that you use to control content. By accessing real-time data about your assets and subscribers, while you are managing the content, you have the right data at the right time, and can spot trends and make more relevant decisions.

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Vimond Monetization

Vimond’s subscription manager, Monetization, links content, pricing and payment. Use this powerful business tool to organise your subscription plans, map them to associated content, and manage end-user payment. Product managers can set the pricing, duration and availability of plans, manage subscriptions, renewals and vouchers. Then rely on our flexible payment integrations for authentication and payment.

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Vimond Live Channel Planner

Vimond Live Channel Planner makes it easy to schedule and monitor a large number of live channels. Define channels, set up encoder sources, and monitor inbound live feeds. Import EPGs (electronic program guides) to create programs, and view them together with your channels in the timeline view. Mark programs to be saved permanently as VOD assets, or saved temporarily for catch-up TV. Automate program scheduling, for greater efficiency and fewer errors.

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Vimond Content Delivery APIs

The Content Delivery APIs make it easy for client applications to search for and retrieve the metadata they need when your end-users request content. Efficiently access data about assets, catalogs, curated lists, and images. The advanced search engine allows content to be queried, filtered and sorted on almost any property. By scaling horizontally, large amounts of traffic can be handled, while remaining cost effective.

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Vimond Player Features

Player Features provides customizable services for building a fully-featured end-user portal. Develop a rich user experience in your portal and access the user’s watching history to engage your audience. Includes features such as: resume playback, save and share playlists, chaptering, device registration, DRM licensing, and user feedback.

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hat Our cloud-based storytelling tools let you produce broadcast-quality video stories from any computer, and publish them immediately. Developed in close cooperation with editors and reporters, they are proven to work in real-world newsrooms.



Use Vimond Highlights to create clips from live streams, and publish them immediately. Edit on the live streams that have already been transcoded, then rapidly publish to the web, social media, or content delivery networks. Share your clip on all screens, fast and efficient, without re-transcoding.

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Vimond IO

Vimond IO is a revolutionary cloud-based storytelling application, especially made to meet the new demands of video production. Use IO to quickly produce high quality, frame-accurate, video stories, any time, from any location, together. A fully-featured, browser-based, video editor that saves you time and streamlines your workflow.

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