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Our Solutions

At Vimond, we come with the full package. We make sure that you, the one that is changing the future of online video consumption, have all the assistance and third party components that you need from our team. We have crafted a balanced ecosystem over the years, carefully selecting the best in the Industry in order to provide end-to-end solutions to those that want us to deliver more than just our products. This means we can take on full blown greenfield deployment projects when required, or just compliment your existing infrastructure with good products.

These are some of the brands that we collaborate with:

Encoding and Playout infrastructure

A good video experience starts with careful preparation of video. Whether your service will feature linear television, catch-up TV or strictly a VOD offering, we partner with the best to make sure that video is encoded in the right format and quality for the experience you want to provide. The Vimond Platform can ingest video from a variety of sources, and provides   means for an Editor to control and modify the ingest process as appropriate. We also offer Playout infrastructure such as streaming servers and Content Delivery Network services. These are components and services that you can source yourself of course, but since we have built award winning OTT services in the past, we kept getting requests to apply our magic and deliver as much as possible under a single agreement. That is why we went out and signed partnership agreements with the best in the business, making life easier for you as our customer.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Content infringement online means that providers of premium video more often than not will require OTT service providers to support Digital Rights Management technologies in order to protect their valuable content from illegal distribution. Vimond applies industry standard asset protection technology such as Microsoft PlayReady™ and Google Widevine, both of which we are certified to provide and have vast experience managing the same, in order to meet the demanding requirements of Hollywood and others. We host license servers and take care of reporting the figures accurately to the respective technology owners. Moreover, our team of highly skilled engineers is always in the lookout for the best DRM technology.

Consumer Application Development

You want your consumers to fall in love with your app from first site.

The way consumers interact with your app for the first time will determine the repeated use and success of your OTT TV service. It is important that you provide an engaging, entertaining, and user friendly experience, something which is not easily done considering your users will use different screen resolutions on devices which may or may not offer consistent features.

Creating unique experiences is what we do. Not only do we provide a suite of features through Vimond Experience, we also provide a best in breed video player in several flavours (MPEG-DASH, Silverlight) and reference applications which we can customise as needed for your project. We also support an ecosystem of application developers, providing sophisticated solutions when these are required.

Professional Services

Make the most of your OTT Service!

Our teams are available to help: from strategic technology choices to operational support, we will be there to guide and advise on the best solution. Did we mention that we offer managed services? This means that we provide our sofware as a private cloud using Amazon web services (AWS). We customise the solution as needed and then offer an availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure that your customers never miss their favourite episode.

Our experts have lived the evolution of TV Everywhere. They inspire our customers, with over 12 years experience developing and launching service in some of the most demanding markets around the world. We can consult on broadband TV strategy, pricing, packaging and content acquisition independently of plans to adopt a platform.

Dare to be different!