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Vimond IO drives massive workflow efficiency for an American broadcaster by moving the post-production flow to the cloud.

Vimond IO drives massive workflow efficiency for American broadcaster.


Our customer, the digital sports division of a traditional US broadcaster, needed both
increased capacity to produce new video stories and speed to publish. Two fixed
workstations and four editors working in two 10 hour shifts gave them 40 hours of editing
time per day with editors capable of producing roughly one new story every 20-
30 minutes, roughly 80-90 new stories per day.

Process limitations and inefficiencies in their workflow also kept them from beating broadcast rivals to market with similar news. In a world where minutes mean the difference between breaking and old news, they consistently lost eyeballs and as such market share.


Our customer beta-tested the new Vimond IO and IO Live solution, and together with us
at Vimond, identified additional efficiencies and requirements to refine our product. Editors no longer have to search in multiple locations such as multiple shared drives, local hard drives, transfer discs, thumb drives, emails, and more.

All existing VOD assets together with the new clipped ones, are all in on place. IO and IO Live allows editors to clip and publish directly. With IO you can edit before publishing with near real-time automatic transcoding into the correct bitrate and aspect ratios with pre-designated end points, all done with one-click publishing.

New edits can begin without waiting for previous rendering to finish. Built-in processes means consistency, no missed steps and fewer errors to correct. Higher finish edits could happen in the same tool suite without transferring archived video assets from a separate clipping tool or other archives.

Vimond IO


Together with our customer we were able to shape the IO clipping and editing suite into
an efficient workflow without increasing headcount or investment in new workstations or other overhead. Editing time for a new story dropped from 20-30 minutes to 4-5 minutes. Capacity
increased to over 400 stories per day. And they beat their rivals to market not only with similar stories, but using clips from the rivals’ own feed.

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