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Vimond provided fast editing and publishing for the first ever live aired music awards show for an American multinational mass media conglomerate

An American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate headquartered in California used Vimond IO for the first ever LIVE aired music awards show in June 2019. The awards show aired on the main broadcast channel, website, and app. Fans were invited to be part of the planning for the live telecast by participating in polls to help determine elements of the show. This customer used Vimond IO to cut segments from the live broadcast stream and push bite-sized content to social media.


The successful use of the Vimond IO tool provided efficiencies and allowed the customer to connect and engage with their audience beyond the traditional broadcast stream during the live show.

“This cuts the time of our old process by hours, sometimes days,” said the Vice President of Media Engineering.

It wasn’t possible to use the existing workflow to accomplish the customer’s goals. The traditional process was time prohibitive and required specialized personnel to repurpose the main broadcast stream into the social media workflow.

The addition of Vimond IO allowed a team to capture the live broadcast stream, cut, and publish for social content in real time.

Vimond IO live
Example view of Vimond IO live


Vimond IO was set up to receive a 1080 HLS stream at 11 Mbps. The signal was sent from the customer’s live broadcast truck and transported via Zixi, processed through AWS Media Live, and outputted as live HLS picked up by Vimond IO. Vimond IO was then used to visualize, capture, edit, and distribute content from the event.

“There are two primary solutions that we are eyeing with Vimond’s solution: the first is a capture of the Red Carpet (Pre-Show) and the Main Show for curation in an AWS S3; the second is the ability to pull performance lifts as soon as a performance is complete - and edit, brand, and pitch to social media sites.”

-Vice President, Media Engineering


  • Real-time capture of giphy using IO, grabbing clips in near real-time and posting quickly, giphys were used to service other social platforms.
  • Real-Time Curation to Local File Download, Edit, then Post.
  • Curation Event as a Tertiary File Capture – to capture rehearsal and main show as a discrete and cloud-based capture of event.
  • Curation of Rehearsal – a unique finding during the course of the event was that, given active fiber from the show, we were capturing rehearsal and set-up. Through Vimond IO there was remote access of 1080 video available.
  • Pre-Visualization of Event – Producers and Programming teams have quick and easy access to view set-up and rehearsal in real time.

“This is key to beating users and capturing those click-throughs before anyone else.”

-Vice President Media Engineering


This customer used Vimond IO for a specific event and found that it had potential for upcoming live events and for remote monitoring use cases. The flexibility of Vimond IO allows users to grow or shrink the amount of IO usage as needed.

As a SaaS based offering, users only pay for what they use and this customer is still finding new ways that Vimond IO can simplify their workflows and create new potential revenue streams.

“There may be other use cases, particularly for Post, that we didn't even think of until the rubber hit the road.”
- Vice President Media Engineering
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