ausbiz launches a new channel using Vimond IO to create and edit clips in the cloud

ausbiz is a new Over the Top streaming service dedicated to Australian business and finance and is available free, live and On Demand. Located at International Towers in Sydney's Barangaroo Precinct, ausbiz provides live rolling coverage of the Australian share market, along with expert analysis and commentary across a broad range of investment opportunities.

They are the first Australian company to build a revolutionary, cloud-based, story-centric newsroom, which is considered the future of continuous news production. ausbiz create and edit in revolutionary cloud-based systems: Vimond IO (Cloud-native and browser-based story editing software from Vimond), DiNA (storytelling and publishing tool from 7Mountains, Mimir (Production Asset Management System from Mjoll) and then going into the studio to put their work to air using Mosart automation.


ausbiz required an optimised and cost effective end to end newsroom built from scratch where they could deploy, with limited resources, and thus provide a professional product to their end customers in a short period. 

One of their main requirements was the ability to edit and turn around live content very quickly to engage users via their services. The use of social media as a tool is also essential. They use these platforms to inform existing and potential customers of who is currently on the program and the ability to promote upcoming guests. 


ausbiz uses Vimond IO to enrich, edit and publish stories in a cloud-based workflow that focus on the needs of the journalists first and gives them complete stewardship over their product from start to finish.  7Mountains and Mjoll provide a combined "News Room in the cloud" solution that empowers their content with automatically enriched metadata from Mimir, linked to a story-centric News Room Control System in DiNA. 

Vimond IO delivers the following features

* Allows journalists to work from any location, using content ingested on premise, uploaded locally or captured from HTTP live streams. 

* Provides a professional browser-based editor with all the tools a journalist requires to turn around new stories for distribution quickly to social media, ausbiztv platforms and linear broadcasts. 

* Vimond IO is integrated with Mimir to leverage the robust AI-driven metadata enriched search solution pulling content directly into Vimond IO for editing, and pushing new stories back to Mimir and DiNA for publication. 


Vimond IO is a critical part of this revolutionary new cloud-based newsroom by providing a browser-based cloud-native production tool to the workflow. With Vimond's IO, Mjoll's Mimir, and 7Mountains' DiNA products, ausbiz have created a cloud-based workflow to manage the beginning and end of the content supply chain, that is the ability to ingest, enrich, manage and then distribute content. Using Vimond IO ausbiz can create in the cloud - which is key to enabling journalists and editors to work collaboratively.

Content creation no longer needs to be an expensive set up with a small number of fixed edit suites and professional editors only having the knowledge and ability to
work on stories. Journalists can now create stories with a fast and responsive professional tool built by broadcast journalists that has no fixed capacity, and can shrink or scale depending on the needs of the day and the client.

Our operating philosophy when building ausbiz was to put the journalist in complete control of their content, whether live, on demand, on social, or syndicated elsewhere. We knew we could produce better quality content more efficiently this way, than by having multiple teams working on the same piece of video. With just 16 people, we produce 8 hours of content each weekday which equates to around 60 live interviews per day. Most of this is made available on demand and we use Vimond and the Mimir integration to ensure that process is fast and seamless.

- Kylie Merritt
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