Vimond support FloSports with live video editing and publishing for immediate fan engagement.

Vimond has supplied FloSports Media™ with a streamlined, efficient live to social media workflow since 2018.

FloSports is an over-the-top subscription sports broadcaster and streaming service. The company is based in Austin, Texas, United States, and was founded in 2006. It holds streaming rights to various sporting events in Canada and the United States, and operates a network of 25+ sites focused on live and on-demand coverage, original documentaries, breaking news and more.  

FloSports access 1,000 BTN Plus live events and more live sports across multiple sites.  The FloSports app can be accessed on Roku, Apple TV 4 , FireTV, Android and iOS.

Using Vimond IO, FloSports transitions from live video to file-based in seconds.  Content is published in real time from multiple live broadcast streams.  Marked video is edited and published to social media and downstream.


FloSports sought a live clipping tool capable of ingesting live events to extract clips and repurpose on social media platforms.  

FloSports publishes to Twitter, Facebook, and an internally-built CMS.  FloSports live encoder is used to ingest streams directly into Vimond IO using an adapter.

FloSports live events occur primarily during the weekend and vary from 1 to 50 concurrent feeds. FloSports has up to 200 concurrent live inputs. FloSports publishes to Twitter, Facebook, and their internally developed CMS.  FloSports live encoder is used to ingest streams into Vimond IO

Vimond IO for FloSports


FloSports was looking for a way to bring in live sporting event streams and edit and share their content remotely.

  • Live sports streams are pushed from an existing streaming engine to an assigned S3 bucket.  This creates a single ingest point for Vimond IO Live to access.

  • FloSports uses IO for quickly clipping from Live streams, enhancing videos with graphics, and complex editing.

  • Vimond IO supports publishing to configured social media accounts and FloSports downstream systems.


Using IO expedites the FloSports workflow by allowing live feeds to be quickly and simply ingested, edited, and distributed to social media and the FloSports CMS.  

No matter the sports vertical, content coordinators can use the content from their live feeds to share to their social media sites and internal CMS.

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