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The Norwegian broadcaster TV 2 uses Vimond IO to create and publish stories for immediate News updates within its News App.

TV 2 News App provides access to Breaking News, Sports, Weather, Politics, Crime, International, Business, Money, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Regional News. The app has been designed to allow the user to choose exactly which content they wish to view and which areas they want to receive push notifications. Vimond IO allows TV 2 to create different versions of stories from their live content or content in their Media Asset Management system content.


TV 2 wanted viewers to see all breaking news stories on their platforms first and before their competitors. Breaking news is key to their organisation and being relevant and exclusive source is the reputation they maintain.

They know that people have access to the content via their phones, and they want to address the people on their phone or web, especially when they are looking for updates on global events or just have some spare time on their hands.

TV 2 needed to be able to present viewers with an app that provides the ability to seethe latest news while catering to the time the viewers have available to them.

The content also needed to adapt to the device the user was using, 9:16 aspect on a phone and 16:9 on web, for example, without burdening the journalist with more tasks.

Rather than offer only one version of each story, TV 2 wanted to offer viewers an app which gave them the choice to select a “short, medium or long” version of a story.


Vimond provided TV 2 a solution to support their journalist’s needs when publishing to the TV 2 News app. The main components and needs were:

  • Journalists create content to be made available in the app (done via Vimond IO)
  • Where journalists work with  metadata and build the lists that decide what information is to be displayed in the app and how it is to be presented (done via Vimond Content Manager / Vimond Content Curator)
  • The endpoints delivering data to the app (done via Vimond Content Delivery)
  • The video pipeline responsible for processing videos from Vimond IO and making them available for playout (done via Vimond Orchestrator)

TV 2 has two main sources for this content for the TV 2 News App:

  1. TV 2 Nyhetene - Live Channel
  2. MAM / Business Management System

Vimond IO allows TV 2 to create stories from this content. Once the content is ingested, Vimond IO is used to create the three versions, which are:

  • Long
  • Short
  • Teaser ( The auto-playing preview)

Using Vimond IO, TV 2 can also create a new Asset in Vimond Control Center when publishing any version for the first time. As they publish the other versions (long, short, teaser) they can append versions to the asset.

TV 2 News App


TV 2 have developed their own graphics to fit with the TV 2 branding, and are applying these to Vimond IO. Using these graphics, they add text to the clips, so they can be viewed without sound - they also add voice-overs as needed.

By using the feature of publishing different versions of a story, TV 2 is able to lay the foundation for how the stories are presented in the app.

Every story is also generated in different aspects automatically, but with the journalist in complete control if the framing needs to be changed.

Vimond IO also allows the journalists to create and publish the clips in a short timeframe and as it is cloud-based, they can also do their work working from home or out in the field.

TV 2

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