U.S. News Channel

Cloud editing with Vimond IO provided a U.S broadcaster with automated live broadcast stream clipping, storage, and rapid retrieval capabilities.

Our customer, a broadcast news channel in the U.S. , traditionally stored archives of their original broadcasts on XDCam discs and drives with the aid of tools supplied by Volicon that assist in the capture and archiving of live broadcasts, and the retrieval of stored video.


When Verizon shutdown Volicon, our customer initially sought a replacement toolset. Looking for more modern, cloud-based options, they understood that new opportunities had emerged to create efficiencies in operations, workflows, and scaling costs beyond their current solution while also providing greater utility in supporting multiple use cases for internal divisions primarily responsible for archiving and editing.

They also needed a solution that would scale and provide access to content across international bureaus. In addition to replacing archiving functions, our customer now wanted to move long term storage to the cloud and provide far better support for work of the Archive and Editing departments to retrieve, repurpose, and distribute content from storage.


Vimond worked with our customer to develop and deliver a solution that integrates cloud editing in Vimond IO with automated live broadcast stream clipping, storage, and rapid retrieval capabilities, creating Vimond IO subset, Vimond Archive. Automated broadcast clipping and storage based on EPG data for any number of streams in Vimond Archive is now married to Vimond IO (for real-time editing by editors, digital, and social media teams) for a seamless, fully integrated workflow that serves multiple use cases.

Vimond IO


This technology stack enables a future proofed operational efficiency and cost savings (time, money, human resources, and physical plant), logistical ease of use, and extensible utility in a consolidated, cloud based workflow serving multiple use cases.

Our customer can reclaim rooms of physical space, stop investing in local physical storage and the operational need to directly manage the facility. They can achieve instant scale with access to content and editing tools through a web browser for rapid deployment and support of extended or experimental use cases anywhere in the world, on demand, with no additional direct cost aside from incremental usage.

Vimond IO + Archive makes work tasks and processes easier and less frustrating while increasing output capacity and speed. Closed caption search of archived video allows archivists and editors to most efficiently retrieve content by granular keyword metadata automatically created from the actual broadcast closed caption.

Integrated graphics allow logos and watermarks to be applied without having to ship assets for processing by an entirely different department, exponentially speeding up work. Editors can create new stories clipping from both live broadcast and stitching in archival clips with near instant transcoding and publishing back to any endpoint: broadcast, online, apps, social media or local desktops.

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