Vimond supports Venn with delivering a new streaming service for gaming, esports, and pop culture entertainment.

VENN is a new kind of TV network for the streaming generation, aimed at gaming, pop culture, and esports audiences. VENN or Video Gaming Entertainment &News is a 24/7 service beta launching in August of 2020.

VENN and Vimond are collaborating to deliver a new streaming service for gaming, esports, and pop culture entertainment.

Vimond is providing Vimond VIA, a Video Content Management Service solution using our 2.0 platform. This includes use of our CMS, Curation services, and Content Delivery APIs.


As an entertainment gaming network startup with no existing infrastructure, VENN’s technology concept was formed for today’s requirements and its ability to adapt for future growth and change.

By utilizing Vimond’s granular and sophisticated API-based CMS, VENN has total control of its assets and can therefore create a remote, flexible business and technology model for their 24/7 content offering.

As a new player to market, VENN looks to take their 17M USD initial investment to break into the esports market while creating a new vertical within the industry on the entertainment side.


Vimond functions as a central publishing hub for VENN’s VOD workflow. The Vimond solution provides content orchestration and organization with a simple user friendly interface.

Vimond’s Content Delivery API powers VENN’s direct-to-consumer VOD application experiences. Vimond bridges the MAM system and publishing points through it’s APIs.

In its August beta launch, VENN uses the curation asset in VIA, the Vimond Content Delivery API, and the Content Organizer asset.

Overall this approach provides VENN with a modular framework to weave together a cohesive workflow across multiple platforms with architectural flexibility for future enhancements and direction.

Further full editorial control of the content is enabled through the Vimond VIA with one touch publishing options.


The Vimond and VENN technical partnership allows VENN to focus on content quality, and enable the best experience for viewers.

Automating commands, embedding metadata, and enabling last-minute quick changes easily opens up endless possibilities for remote control and management of unique VENN content.

The Vimond technology stackenables a powerful video CMS. Thisallows VENN’s streaming serviceinfrastructure to be innovative,cloud-based, and flexible

Scott Gillies, VENN’s CTO.
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