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When Telia Finland acquired the valuable rights to the domestic hockey league, they approached Vimond to help them give the Finnish public a brand new way to watch their favourite sport.

When Telia Finland acquired the valuable rights to the domestic hockey league, they approached Vimond to help them give the Finnish public a brand new way to watch their favourite sport. Telia also wanted to give the hockey clubs access to as much of their respective content themselves, to engage with their own fans in a unique and personal way.

Through Vimond IO and the rest of the Vimond OTT Platform, Telia is able to syndicate thousands of highlight clips throughout a season and let the hockey clubs work directly with the content to create compelling stories for their fans.


Telia wanted to revolutionize the way sports productions have previously been done and therefore decided to provide all Finnish hockey clubs with a cloud-based video editor to allow them to produce their own video stories and publish to social media and other online destinations.

Telia’s core philosophy was that:

The hockey clubs know their fans best themselves. Let’s give them the opportunity to engage with their audience directly.

The hockey clubs would only have access to their own content, while Telia would have one centralized version of the video editor where all the content is available.

To achieve this, Telia needed a cloud-based system that could easily scale to the 15 hockey clubs. The system then needed to ingest all the video content from the respective matches, manage the incoming metadata feeds and syndicate the correct videos to the different versions of the video editor that were to be managed by the hockey clubs.

The second challenge for Telia was to find an intuitive video editor that non-trained personnel could quickly start working with (and a minimum amount of training required).

Ease-of-use was crucial for Telia in getting the hockey clubs engaged with working with the content, while the video editor still needed to be able to provide the feature set required to create compelling and high-quality video stories.


To help Telia achieve their vision, Vimond provides a combined solution of our award-winning OTT platform and our cloud-based video editor, Vimond IO.

Vimond’s OTT Platform and its advanced orchestration workflows allow Telia to access a platform that can ingest any video coming from the live matches and make the videos available in Vimond IO
within seconds through automated metadata and publication workflows.


  • Enables rapid creation and distribution of content highlights
  • Enables the teams to view all of their content near-live
  • Gives Telia a unique opportunity for content exposure.
  • Easy to use – easy to train new editors
  • Multi-tenant setup – all teams have their own tenant of Vimond IO which can easily be managed from Telia HQ
  • Scalable and accessible, allowing for both remote and local production in various geographical locations for inter-departmental cooperation
  • Cost-efficient – no expensive hardware, no per-user cost


After implementing the solution, Telia has enjoyed an increase in engagement for hockey through their partnership with the hockey clubs. The hockey clubs have shown great enthusiasm for getting their editors on-hand with actual near-live footage from the matches, and the fans have loved the extra exposure from their favourite clubs.

The cloud-native infrastructure of Vimond IO has also proven to be a simple solution for a complex scope, and Telia can easily scale the system to provide more organizations with access to Vimond IO through their own tenant. The system can also quickly be scaled down during the off-season, complementing an overall cost-effective philosophy of providing a modern cloud-based solution.

The ease-of-use of Vimond IO has also turned out to be a key reason to Telia’s success, as a lot of the external users are not highly experienced editing professionals.

This has reduced the barrier to start using the editor, as new users can focus on creating compelling stories for the fans instead of watching countless tutorials on Youtube before starting to work.

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