About Vimond - a Founder´s Perspective

Who are we?

Vimond is a Norwegian video software company that delivers solutions to all media companies moving into the OTT space. Through our background in broadcast, combining tech with storytelling and workflows, we’ve seen (and driven) the changes the media industry is going through. Historic shifts in consumer consumption patterns are driving massive changes in creation and delivery of content.

Andreas Helland
April 17, 2019

We think OTT first, and our workflows clearly represent that thinking. We have tools and technologies that empower media companies aiming to make a big step into the future.

An important part of it is about handling infrastructure and logistics of course. But it is also about enabling efficient workflows and story-telling so you can focus on your core abilities.

Our mindset, our experience and our products within video management, content management, content enrichment and distribution - as well as scaling to massive numbers - makes us a preferred partner for bluechip media companies globally.

How did we get started?

Our journey started in the 90s. While still a part of TV 2 we started exploring streaming in 1998. Curiosity thoroughly piqued, in 2002 we launched the first TV2 SVOD service, indeed one of the very first vod services in the world. It quickly became a massive success (which it still is), and media companies globally were looking in our direction for guidance.

That culminated in our first sale of our technology to TV4 in Sweden in 2004 and we are proud to say they are still a customer today. MTV in Finland followed suit and it quickly became apparent that our technology was attractive in the broader market. (We are proud to say MTV Finland is still a customer today as well).

That’s why we started Vimond in 2011 with 9 team members from TV 2. Since that time we have grown significantly in size and geographic impact and have been integral to some of the most exciting OTT projects in the world. iflix, Reuters, Optus, Bonnier and TV 2 to name a few. That means if you are watching Premier League in Australia or Norway, Hollywood movies in Southeast Asia, Africa or  Scandinavia - or indeed watching news globally - there´s a strong chance you are enjoying Vimond technology firsthand.

How do we do it?

We provide all our technology as cloud solutions. Our focus is to provide product modules that are flexible and open. We recognize that any media company operates with a wide plethora of technologies, standards etc. We aim to fit into any architecture through easy integration and scale.

Finally, with a background from Broadcast, we know top-shelf quality is absolutely essential. Through proven scalability and an experienced operations team we make sure of it every day.  It´s in our company DNA.  

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