Let's talk about charm.

Kristiane Ekrheim
June 28, 2018

Photo by Anna Isabella Sveinsson, Silvereye Pictures

What high quality recruitment looks like in Vimond.


What makes our customers happy, makes us happy.

We work with big worldwide video broadcasters, multiple service operators, and pure video-on-demand providers. In a recent in-depth interview they have told us our main strength is not only our flexible platform, but equally as important - our people:

-Great tech people
-Depth knowledge and brand experience within the video streaming / OTT business
-Hungry and eager

One of them personified us as an older teenager or young adult. A computer geek that rides a skateboard, a bit of spiky hair, t-shirt, loose jeans, quite unassuming - he is young and talented and on the verge of becoming something big.

We laughed when we saw it, because it is us, regardless of age, which spans from 20 to 60. It’s our inside, reflected in our values and who we want to be: playful, with integrity and distinction. We want to make the world a better place, where we share the joy of wonderful video entertainment experiences.

Through technology, magic happens. We believe the only way we can make real magic happen is through our people. That is why Vimond, from the day we started, has decided we cannot afford not to use money on high quality recruitment.

Test out competence

We test out relevant competence through structured interviews with a practical case exercise. The case presentations give us confidence - or not - in the candidate’s actual competence and personality. It can be a role play for a sales situation, a specific coding challenge for a developer, or a pretended customer dialogue for a sales engineer.

In addition to being a geek within your field who shows strong competence, we believe personality and charm is just as important. Luckily for us, what we look for inside a person, coincides with better performance.

Test out personality. Is he or she a Vimonder?

We use a profile questionnaire to get to know our candidates better in the final interview round - not as a test - but as an entrance to a dialogue around personality. We also use a drawing exercise as a fun and informal way to a really good talk. Most importantly though is always asking for examples that convince us we are speaking to someone with a strong inner drive and passion.  If it's developer, we expect such a person to have developed something just for their own fun.

If yes, they have to show us and we are easily enthused. If they have thought about doing it, but not really done it, they‘re not right for us.

Strong inner drive and passion for what you are doing.

If you are a developer you probably have developed something just for your own fun, you love what you are doing, you keep yourself updated and thrive on difficult programming challenges (you probably hate legacy, but understand it has to be solved).

Strong sense of responsibility.

If a customer has a problem, it is your problem. If you have promised something - you  deliver. You really care.

So, what is the scientific significance for Charm?

High quality recruitment not only reflects strong academic results, experience and drive, but also the way new Vimonders fit into our culture. How we interact with one another is the backbone of pushing limits - so a combination is really the foundation for being on top.

We accept charm in all it’s forms - nerdy, introvert or outgoing. We strongly appreciate a sense of humor.

We are around 20 different nationalities in Vimond. Never ever have cultural differences been an issue. We handpick the best stars from all over the globe, knowing we will understand each other. Because - we are family.


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