February 16, 2021
Fredrik Gunnestad

Vimond IO release

A new Vimond IO version is now released, containing 6 new features, several product improvements and bug fixes, aimed at improving the overall user experience of Vimond IO.

The updated include the following enhancements with this update:
Accurate Date/Time Selector in the live module, using local client, UTC or channel timebased on a selected time zone.
Clean Option on Render outputs - create a rendition to export without graphics.
Friendly labels on renditions, to better manage rendition outputs.
Access roles, providing live clipping only users, or editing only users.

Default settings for publish window, reducing publishing times.
· Video and Audio Transitions:
· Cross-dissolve
· Dissolve-in
· Dissolve-out
· Audio cross-fade
· Audio dissolve-in
· Audio dissolve-out

For the full release information, please visit http://www.vimond.com/feature-releases

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Fredrik Gunnestad
Chief Commercial Officer
Email: fredrik@vimond.com

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