June 16, 2021
Vimond Media Solutions

Vimond IO release

We are excited to inform you of a planned update to the Vimond IO platform.

This update is due for release to all regions and all customer workspaces during the morning of Wednesday 16th June 2021. There will be no downtime when we push this update. Features will be available to users the next time they login. 

For this update we have been working hard on some of the underlying architecture in Vimond IO and this update has taken a little longer than normal due to some extensive testing. The result is that we have a new “Input” tab in the Settings menu that will allow users to add external sources to their workspace. As an administrator you can open the settings menu and connect external file based sources, such as S3 and Dropbox, or if you have accounts with Iconik and Mimir connect to those cloud based MAM solutions. With all external sources the content remains external, meaning no duplicate copies or waiting time required until you can see your content in IO. Just connect the sources and voila! You can browse through all media (video, images and audio) in the input source without creating a local copy, if you wish to use the content in IO then simply localise it to your workspace. 

We have also included an update that allows users to add MediaPackage as a Live Streaming source. With this comes the ability to connect Vimond IO to your existing MediaPackage sources and pull live content when you need it. For customers with large amounts of live channels this is a great tool for saving costs, as ingesting that content is no longer required, you only pay for the time it takes you to playback and create clips. 

Note: due to adding external sources we have decided to alter the Search provider list in the main editor, we strongly recommend informing users of this change in advance so they are not caught by surprise. This change is made to clearly show what content is “Localised” in IO, and available in the Search Provider “IO Content” and what is external. We have also included quick filter buttons that can be enabled or disabled to see or hide Videos, Images, Music and Voice Over files.

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