Vimond IO release

March 23, 2021
Fredrik Gunnestad
Updates to Vimond IO are released, focusing on storage, auto-publishing and bugfixes

In this release we will provide a new feature supported by changes to our backend and user interface in the editor that allows any uploaded Image or Audio file to be stored as a source in the search provider list in the left hand panel in our editor. Additionally any voice over recording is stored. These are available in a new look list that sorts content types into discrete search providers. Additionally it will now be possible to upload multiple files, including multiple types (image, audio & video) in a single upload action. This supports our belief that cloud editing should leverage single instance storage, providing more efficiency of making one file available to everyone instantly. By uploading once and using many times cloud editing will offer lower costs with a lower environmental impact.  Additionally we have fixed some more performance issues reported by customers and discovered through testing.

You can find a comprehensive list of updates in the attachment. Features will be available to users the next time they login.

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