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March 8, 2021

The next generation video editing, live clipping and publishing platform

Vimond IO is our browser based non-linear editing solution. We built it in the cloud to allow customers to work on creating stories from live streams and their own recorded content, tailor it to suit their company message and get the content to multiple destinations as quickly as possible.

From the very beginning the product has been cloud native, it is not a virtualised experience. This keeps our costs under control and ensures no upfront fixed capacity. 

It is a next generation non-linear editor built for professionals that are migrating their content and workflows to the cloud. 

Vimond IOs core values:

Speed - Efficient to set-up. Easy to learn, Fast to Publish

Reliability - Cloud native redundancy, Systems monitored 24/7, Support included

Availability - Browser based, Available anywhere, Platform agnostic, Low-bandwidth

Scalability -  Unlimited users, Unlimited throughput, Capacity on-demand

These principles underlie our core philosophy, and we continue to come back to these points to ensure we keep true to them as we develop. 

With any SaaS product and software solution in a continuous delivery cycle it’s imperative you have room to continue to add new features and functionality to the customer, it’s part of the subscription model. At the same time we always take a step back to ensure we keep an eye on stability and keep the product true to its core. 

With Vimond IO we recognise that we are building a production tool and that means customers put a lot of trust in our product, and we want to make sure we earn and keep that trust. 

Take a look at Vimond IO below: 

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