Stein Erik Sørhaug
September 1, 2021

Working on Content as the News Breaks

There are few things that live and die faster these days than the news. As an editor or producer, or even as a social media manager it’s critical to have access to the best real-time tools, available anywhere, that allow you to work with breaking content as it happens. Long gone is the luxury of waiting an hour to get access to content. The requirement for modern news in a hyper kinetic world is real-time. If you cannot work on content as the news is breaking, you will fall behind the narrative, and your news consumers will move to more current sources.

With the tight integration between TVU Networks and Vimond IO the time from event to publish has been removed.  Content flowing through TVU’s fabric can be accessed in real time from Vimond IO, anywhere in the world.  This allows Vimond IO to tap into live and near-live inventory to quickly craft and contribute new highlight packages back to TVU for immediate playout, delivering a singular user experience across applications.

We are in the middle of a content revolution. By combining Vimond’s native cloud-based editing and TVUs cloud IP real-time production and distribution fabric, we are providing a catalyst to unshackle creatives and story-tellers from traditional on premise workflows that enables true collaborative and distributed productions to be reality. Our strategic partnership with Vimond allows end-users the ability to deliver complete end-to-end workflows while offering fully-featured cloud media services to help enable this new digital transformation.

- Greg Doggett, Director, Sports, Entertainment, and Strategic Alliances, TVU.

So how can this collaboration make the business of news video creation more efficient and in lock step with the pace of news itself?   Here are a couple of ways.

An editor using Vimond IO connected to the TVU Fabric can monitor and edit from a live TVU stream, with enhanced navigation and the ability to search for the right and relevant content through TVU AI generated metadata and captions. Enabling lightning fast access with deep search into archives of content.  Enabling you to graft content that’s breaking now, with older assets, retrieved through real-time search, to create new and layered news content. Showing not just the event, but relevant backing material to how the event has unfolded.  

Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 09.47.50

Further, upon completion of the editing process through Vimond IO, the editor can easily check their completed package directly into TVU Drive, to be indexed and AI enriched by TVU MediaMind and exposed to the broader TVU user base and tools including TVU Producer.  

TVU users can quickly highlight segments which can be readily utilized in Vimond IO for quick edit and publish, or contribute back into TVU Producer and have the package become part of the related and reference inventory under TVU MediaMind.

All the while, editors within Vimond IO can be publishing content directly to multiple social media destinations, enriched with graphics, edits, and transitional video elements and sound.

As Glenn Skare Pedersen, EVP Vimond IO,  says:

TVU Networks and Vimond IO together deliver a cloud based integrated workflow that’s a complete game changer for broadcasters, editors, and the news teams. We enable them to focus on the content, the story and being first.”

The solution with TVU and Vimond IO is a developing story, like the news.  And is happening in real-time.   And for editorial, production, and social teams the seamless and tight integration of the product suites provides an end-to-end workflow designed precisely for the speed of the modern world, and the news we make in it.

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