Vimond IO

The world’s most advanced professional cloud-native video editor


What is Vimond IO?

Vimond IO is a cloud-based collaborative storytelling tool, specially made to meet the new demands of post video production.

The tool is made for broadcasters, sports & news organizations and media outlets of all stripes that are challenged to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive and evolving media world.  

With Vimond IO you can remotely produce high quality, frame-accurate video stories any time, from any location, together.

Edit anywhere, anytime, together with the world’s
most advanced professional cloud-native video editor.

How does it work?

Being a cloud-native editing solution means that it’s available from anywhere and available to anyone in your organization. Our video editing service runs in a browser and is as reactive as a local application. Vimond IO provides live broadcast stream archiving, clipping, advanced search, and rapid retrieval in a seamless workflow.

With IO you can edit separated video, audio, and graphics tracks using the familiar source, sequence, and timeline layout. Ingest and aggregate live and file-based video and audio. IO is frame accurate, supporting multiple frame rates. It also has integrated and self-provisioned support for publishing to AWS S3, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Users can also download video and repurpose anywhere


  • Upload audio only files to the timeline to add music and effects
  • Upload still images and re-frame for multiple aspect ratios
  • Record voice overs to your timeline from anywhere
  • Closed-caption search and metadata management capabilities
  • Import Adobe After Effects graphics templates
  • Ready to integrate with your workflow
  • Keyframe-based cropping of videos when changing aspect ratios
  • Output multiple versions with different aspect ratios automatically, perfect for social media posts

Key benefits

  • Available anywhere, no installation or maintenance required
  • Broadcast quality, from social media to on-air
  • Scales up to meet any business demand
  • Comprehensive and collaborative editing functionality
  • Scales up to meet business demands and down to save costs during quiet periods
  • Continuously developed and updated
  • Consistent user experience no matter the scale of the operation
  • All publishing points are self-provisioned and managed by user

Case studies

Telia Finland

When Telia Finland acquired the valuable rights to the domestic hockey league, they approached Vimond to help them give the Finnish public a brand new way to watch their favourite sport.

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TV 2 Fyn

Vimond IO to enable TV 2/Fyn’s  journalists to create, manage and publish their stories faster across multiple media and social platforms.

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