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What is Vimond IO?

Vimond IO is a browser-based video editing and publishing tool running in the cloud. With Vimond IO, broadcasters, news, and sports organisations can ingest video from live streams and file-based footage before editing and publishing to multiple platforms and social media. 

The platform is built as a cloud-native SaaS product providing users with access to a non-linear editing platform built from the ground up to meet the modern content everywhere demands of post-production.

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Being a cloud-based video editing tool means that the tool allows for remote work. That gives users flexibility and the ability to scale up teams beyond a physical location. Teams can work on a story at any time of the day, ensuring distribution on stories that are new and relevant. Being cloud-based and available from a browser allows users to work anywhere on the planet where they only need a 5Mbps internet connection.

The platform provides customers with access to a streamlined professional Source/Timeline view that construct both complex sequences enriched with additional graphics, audio and images, and simple clips from live or files. 

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With the fastest rendering service on the market, publishing your stories only takes seconds so you can be first to engage and impress your audience. When publishing, you can transcode to a wide range of bitrates and aspect ratios simultaneously and publish to social media or back to your own CMS with one-click publishing.



Creating a new account only takes minutes and the workflow is built for speed with concurrent rendering that provides a consistent performance no matter the load.


As a cloud-native software, redundancy is inherent with all accounts monitored 24/7.


Vimond IO is browser-based - this means the tool is available anywhere in the world on any desktop and at any time.


No practical limits to the number of simultaneous users.

Allowing us journalists to be part of the whole process enables a faster workflow from production to distribution without any unnecessary bottlenecks. This creates a more efficient workflow than journalists are used to from other platforms. In addition, we value that the system is cloud-based. This gives us more flexibility and possibilities.

Camilla Island, reporter in TV 2 News.

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