Cloud-based editing for broadcast

Rapidly produce video content from live and archived footage in broadcast quality using Vimond IO 

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Engage your audience

The way news is consumed is changing fast. Following the rapidly changing viewing habits can be demanding and challenging.

With Vimond IO, news networks can adapt to the dramatic shift in digital news consumption by delivering engaging content from anywhere in the world with a collaborative tool that allows for instant publishing to multiple social media platforms and digital channels. 

all functionalities in one toolset

Video editing tailored for broadcast

Vimond IO enables broadcasters to easily access, edit, and publish content in a web browser while providing all the functionalities needed. The tool is frame accurate and non-destructive giving you full control over the editing process.

  • Edit quickly, collaboratively with low latency from any locations
  • Manage and monitor video streams across networks
  • Increase your reach and engagement 
  • Publish to multiple social media and digital platforms
  • No advanced editing skills required.

Case Studies

RTL Croatia

Vimond provided its cloud based video editing platform for RTL’s news production enabling RTL to go into production within one day to ensure business continuity in a time of great uncertainty.

TV 2 News App

The Norwegian broadcaster TV 2 uses Vimond IO to create and publish stories for immediate News updates within its News App.

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