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Increase productivity, revenue and end-user engagement with video editing directly through your browser. Edit live content and produce video compilations from your archive – all done remotely with immediate publishing to multiple social media and digital channels. No advanced editing skills required. 

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Engage your audience

Vimond IO enables sport organisation to engage fans with the latest content from anywhere in the world. IO gives you immediate access to edit and publish content while providing all the functionalities needed. The tool is frame accurate and non-destructive giving you full control over the editing process.


Key benefits

  • Easy to use, no advanced editing skills required
  • Ingest, edit and publish video from anywhere in the world, both from live and archived footage
  • Work on the same content collaboratively in teams
  • Publish to multiple social media and digital platforms in any aspect ratio

Case studies

Vimond support FloSports with live video editing and publishing for immediate fan engagement.

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