Vimond VIA and End-user Services central to BINGE, Australia’s new entertainment streaming service.

BINGE, Australia’s new entertainment streaming service,  jam-packed with the best content from around the globe launched on Monday,  25th May 2020.

BINGE offers an extensive library of  ad-free on-demand content.

BINGE brings together the best Australian and  international content via their dedicated entertainment streaming service,  providing Australians with a new way to indulge in their favourite shows and  movies.

With an incredible collection from the world’s best creators  including WarnerMedia, NBCU, FX, BBC and Sony, BINGE features a huge catalogue of HBO hits and will deliver  much-anticipated originals from HBO Max.

Considered to be a next-generational streaming service BINGE looks to go beyond providing the best content by creating an emotional connection with viewers based on unapologetic entertainment pleasure, a place the customer can escape to for that precious ‘me time’.

Vimond Control Centre and End-User Services power BINGE’s Content Management, Content delivery and Personalisation features for the Service.


The team that also built the ground-breaking Kayo Sports, has once again looked to Vimond to provide the Core Content Modules and End-user Services in delivering their new entertainment service  BINGE into the Australian market.

Using Vimond VIA the BINGE team is able to  manage, organise, enrich the content with metadata and publish it to the  service at the right time.  

The Vimond products and feature sets used by the BINGE service include:

VIA content management asset : Vimond’s user-friendly interface available via a web browser, provides the graphical interface access to all the Core products as well as the optional add-ons.

Via the interface the team is able to manage:

○       License Windows

○       Schedule publishing Content

○       Images with multiple locations

○       Related assets (linked asset relations) for  relating extras and trailers and similar

○       Chapters and index points

VIA catalogue asset - lets the team organise content into a structured hierarchy that can be used both for content presentation on their  front-end portals through content curation and for creating content packages with VIA monetise. The category tree can be deep  or shallow (many versus few Subcategories), wide or narrow (many versus few  top-level Categories).

VIA Monetise is used to manage products and content package access.

The curation module in VIA helps the editorial team promote featured content on the service. The team can easily organise content in carousels, menus and  featured lists, and the user-friendly interface and advanced search options  ensure that lists are quick to create and straightforward to manage. The  editorial team can also bookmark their favourite views to make regular  adjustments even easier.

BINGE also uses the following end-user services available through Vimond VIA:

●       Content  Discovery

●       Play Service

●       Subprofile  Service

●       User Viewing  History Service

●       Playlist  service


With the  implementation and use of the Vimond Platform, the team has been able to launch  an incredible new entertainment streaming service that is delivering a new  way to enjoy the world’s best content.

"we knew from past experience  that the Vimond platform would enable us to launch an incredible new  streaming service as we already had a proven track record in Kayo and  WatchAFL. In addition, the Vimond team also contributed to the implementation  through their deep understanding of what it takes to build a world-class entertainment  experience allowing our customers to watch premium Shows and Movies on demand".

- Cora Spear, Director of Operations says.