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Vimond VIA is a cloud based , modular and scalable Video Content Management system (Video CMS) that grows with your needs, to serve your OTT audiences wherever they are. Content can be streamed from local or external and remote sources.

From media ingestion, through asset management, content curation and distribution, VIA ensures a great viewer experience and efficient workflows for your users and editorial teams at a global scale. Vimond VIA scales automatically to accommodate peak viewing volumes, keeping infrastructure costs efficient.

Make the most out of your video content

With Vimond VIA you get a fully featured Content Management System that gives users and content providers the control to easily organise assets and update metadata. 

Easy integration

Vimond VIA can plug into your existing systems and workflows where you need it, or provide a complete solution from media acquisition through to delivery to your portals and apps. Our APIs enable integrations to your preferred solution for specialist capabilities.

Manage your content

Vimond VIA is suitable for new market entrants and services, or for mature existing services.  Enable third party content providers to submit content, and curate their own collections, and use automation to simplify approval workflows.

Unified CMS platform


Quick to deploy

Easy to support

Cost Effective


VIA provides a user-friendly experience, allowing users and editorial teams to quickly manage and set up their video content, create lists and carousels of content. The VIA platform enables an efficient workflow for users, with a continuous delivery, short time for changes and upgrades and high volumes of content quickly in and out.


Providing the entire workflow needed for an OTT service, VIA supports customers in an industry going through rapid & fundamental change where competition is growing. Having a modular set-up, allows you to choose what components you need for managing and distributing your streaming service. 


Resilient and efficient infrastructure that scales dynamically to meet your audience demands. Handling high volumes of content is made simple.

Give your audience what they want

Fully featured metadata workflows and dynamic manipulation of content make automation easy and ensures your viewers always receive relevant and engaging experiences to keep them watching, and keep them coming back. VIA lets you create compelling experiences to connect consumers to content, keeping your viewers engaged. 

Maximize the revenue of your video

Vimond VIA supports all business models, from free to air for unknown users, to sophisticated subscription and pay models:  AVOD, SVOD and TVOD, or any combination.

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