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Vimond VIA is the video CMS you need to ingest, manage and distribute content to your streaming service

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The backbone of your OTT streaming service

We know that as a streaming service, you might be dealing with a high volume of video content and great viewer demands. Having a productive workflow for handling video content is not only key to maintaining relevance but also to ensure your streaming service grows successfully. With our Video CMS, Vimond VIA, we give you full control of your content, no matter if you have a few video snippets, thousands of episodes, or a library full of movies. 

With support across the workflow, from media ingest, asset management, metadata enrichment, to distribution, Vimond VIA provides you with a flexible and user-friendly CMS to handle your videos, so you can focus on the important part: winning new viewers and impressing your audience with all your content! 

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Vimond VIA Video CMS

Easily ingest and manage videos

Vimond VIA makes it easy to ingest, manage and publish your entire video library. Just click the button below to take a look!

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Media Ingest with VIA Orchestrate

Upload, retrieve and transcode your videos and make them ready for playout. Ensure broadcast quality on all your videos! Orchestrate comes with a monitoring dashboard so you can keep track of the process.

Monitor Video Streaming Dashboard

Organise and Edit

Add metadata to your videos in the content management system and structure your content into categories and catalogs.


Curate and promote your content

Using Content Curation in Vimond
VIA, you can tailor your video content to your audience’s interests, preferences, and viewing habits. By curating your content into specific playlists and channels, you can showcase relevant and engaging video content to your viewers, making it easier for them to find and watch the videos they want. This makes it likelier that viewers stay on your platform for longer, watch more videos, and share your content with others. This increased engagement and retention can lead to higher revenue, increased brand awareness, and improved customer loyalty. 

Connect viewers with your content and produce compelling experiences

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Maximize the revenue of your video

Vimond VIA supports all business models, from free to air, to sophisticated subscription and pay per view models: AVOD, FAST, SVOD and TVOD, or any combination.

  • Local or global product packages with multi-currency support
  • Set flexible rules for content monetisation, pricing, payment plans, recurring billing, and stimulate content purchases.
  • Promotions: Campaigns, Vouchers, Trial
  • Create single use or multiple use voucher codes

    Learn more about monetisation
  • Scale from thousands to millions of streams

    Vimond's robust back-end architecture provides unrivaled reliability and scalability for your OTT platform. We can scale from thousands of viewers to hundreds of millions automatically, so your users will have an incredible viewing experience.

    Our fantastic API documentation and examples make it quick and easy to integrate with your existing workflows, or build amazing new client experiences from scratch.
    Vimond works on all devices
    No Lock-in

    Plug and Play Integrations

    Vimond VIA can plug into any existing systems and workflows where you need it, or provide a complete solution from media acquisition to delivery. Our APIs enable integrations to your preferred solution for specialist capabilities.

    Vimond VIA can work with remote systems and media sources, meaning that your video assets do not need to be moved, migrated, imported or hosted in Vimond VIA. In addition, we allow you to work alongside existing technologies to ensure you have best of breed Video CMS and Content Curation. This provides your editorial team with capabilities to efficiently power your OTT service.

    Detailed Documentation
    Streaming Technology Ecosystem


    Quick to deploy

    Easy to support

    Cost Effective

    Vimond VIA

    The cloud benefits

    As a cloud-based service, Vimond VIA can instantly scale from handling a small number of viewers, to handling millions of viewers, according to demand. You do not have to plan and buy hardware and infrastructure around peak viewing events. This operational efficiency saves you money and helps maximise profit.

    By utilising the latest cloud-native technologies, we ensure performance and scalability that enables cross-platform delivery and to multiple devices. Vimond VIA is modular, meaning that you can keep existing technology partners across the workflow, or if needed, switch out capabilities using trusted partners who can help integrate, or build an end to end solution.

    Cloud vs on-prem

    Download this two-pager to learn more about the differences between cloud and on-premise technology for streaming media



  • Ingest from multiple sources
  • Media RSS / Atom
  • Pull and push feeds
  • Monitor your ingest feeds
  • Automated approval of external content with metadata & business rules


  • Organise and group all your content
  • Customisable metadata definitions
  • Multi-language support for audio and subtitles
  • Schedule content publishing
  • Geoblocking and DRM integrations
  • Curate

  • Create personalized and engaging video experiences for your audience
  • Promote featured content
  • Create different lists, carousels & menus
  • Increase viewer engagement and retention, and drive business growth.
  • Monetise

  • Promotions: Campaigns, Vouchers, Trials
  • Supports SVOD, AVOD, TVOD rental and own product packages
  • Set the pricing, duration and availability of subscription plans
  • Out-of-the box payment integrations
  • View account subscriptions and transaction history
  • Distribute

  • Adaptive streaming suits any device and bandwidth
  • Elastic scaling based on usage
  • It's time to build an amazing video streaming service for your content.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself, then take Vimond for a spin!

    "Vimond used their deep understanding of what it takes to build a world-class entertainment experience, allowing our customers to watch premium shows and movies on demand."
    Cora Spear
    Director of Operations
    Kayo Sports