Responsible Business Conduct

Vimond is an international company based in Bergen, with subsidiaries in Australia and the US. Vimond was established in 2011 and operates in the media technology industry around the world developing and markets a modular, browser-based, online video content management platform for the delivery of OTT live streams and VOD.

Vimond is a part of TV2 Gruppen, owned by Egmont and operate by Egmont’s Code of Conduct that sets out a number of social and legal compliance requirements, including non-discrimination, compensation, protection of the environment, freedom of association, health and safety, anti-corruption, non-harassment and hours of work. 

Vimond has carried out risk-based and prioritised due diligence assessments as required under the new Norwegian Transparency Act to anticipate, prevent and minimise risk of potential negative impact or damage on human rights or decent working conditions in our own operations, supply chain and other business relationships. Vimond has in place systems for receiving and responding to requests for information and continuous assessment of supply chain and business partners and taking steps to prevent or mitigate any such adverse impact.

Risk assessments
Prioritisation of risk is done by categorising suppliers and other business partners in risk groups based on the line of business, country of operation and size of purchased goods and services together with severity, extent, and probability of potential negative impact that these suppliers and business partners have on human rights and decent working conditions, and the interval re-assessments are to be conducted. 

1. High Risk: Needs to be assessed every 12 months

2. Middle Risk: Uncertain risk. Assessment every 12-24 months.

3. Low Risk: Assessed to have low risk, or a risk Vimond can not impact. Assessments on an ad-hoc basis, or based on information on changes.

The current assessments have not concluded any high risk findings and during 2022, Vimond has not detected any negative impact or damage on human rights or decent working conditions in Vimond or in the supply chain or received reports of any such incidents.

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