Via Monetise

Maximise the revenue of your video content

VIA Monetise enables you to create and manage compelling commercial packages of content and subscriptions tailored for your audiences to develop and grow revenue per viewer.

Set flexible rules for video monetisation, pricing, payment plans, recurring billing, and stimulate content purchases.  Use vouchers to re-engage and reward audiences, encourage viewer upgrade and downgrade of product packages in line with demand or risk of churn. Automate renewals and payments for active subscriptions.

VIA Monetise enables integration with a range of third party payment providers, or use a Vimond packaged integration out of the box.

Choose your monetisation model

VIA Monetise supports the business models you need, and can help you grow from an advertising based service, into a subscription or freemium based service, also allowing for transactional pricing models on individual content items or packages. 

Create compelling packages for your audience

As a global platform, VIA Monetise enables you to localise packages for specific regions, and supports multiple currencies, so you can connect your viewers to their content, wherever they are.

  • Promotional Tools:  Campaigns, Vouchers, Trials
  • Vouchers can be generated or imported from other systems. 
  • Supports SVOD, AVOD, TVOD rental and own product packages
  • View progress of campaign distributions
  • Local or global product packages with multi-currency support
  • Set the pricing, duration and availability of subscription plans
  • Automatically handle recurring subscription payments and email communications with customers
  • Search for viewer profiles to view subscription and transaction history
  • Out-of-the box payment integrations with Braintree, Dibs, Klarna and NETS

It's time to build an amazing video streaming service for your content.

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