How Vimond Supports TV 2's Sports App with Instant Distribution of Highlights for Fans

Vimond empowers TV 2 Norway to seamlessly distribute real-time sports highlights to their app, granting fans immediate access to important sport moments.

TV 2 Norway, a prominent television network, has successfully elevated its sports coverage through innovative AI integration. Partnering with an AI-driven solution, TV 2 leverages real-time event data, such as goals and yellow cards, to generate instant video clips. These clips are seamlessly integrated into Vimond VIA and then distributed to the TV 2 sports app, offering fans a near real-time viewing experience. The AI-powered clips cater to supporters' desire for immediate highlights, allowing them to enjoy game-changing moments shortly after they occur.

How Vimond VIA support TV 2 in distributing their highlights

TV 2 is using Vimond VIA to manage and play out the AI-generated clips. During the AI generation of content, metadata such as teams, players, type of event and timestamp is identified, and this metadata is ingested into Vimond VIA with the generated clip. Using the query capabilities in the VIA APIs, the TV 2 clients are querying this information to find the clips they want to show. The clients then use the Vimond VIA scalable playout APIs to play the content. This gives TV 2 the flexibility to present the match information with different user experiences, focusing on a team or match, as well as a live update with the latest information. By using the Vimond APIs to create and publish the match information, the fans can get a near-live experience of what just happened in the matches they follow.

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