Vimond supports the Kayo Sports streaming service with video content management for its sports library

Dubbed the “Netflix of Sports”, Kayo Sports offers Australians a multi-sport streaming service.

Launched in 2018 and with over 1 Million Australian Customers, Kayo Sports offers 50 + live and on demand sports from around the world. With a revolutionizing frontend user experience, combined with Vimond’s robust and flexible backend technology, Kayo Sports is Australia’s unrivalled sports streaming service.  

Kayo Sports provides customers with the biggest range of the best sports from around the world including, Formula 1, MotoGP, NBA, NFL, Soccer, Golf and Tennis along with the best from Australia including Cricket, AFL, NRL, Supercars, NBL, Netball and more. 

All the live sports and on-demand programming can be watched on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android mobile devices, web browsers, Chromecast, Roku,  Apple TVs as well as gaming consoles ad connected TVs.

How Vimond supports Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports looked to Vimond Media Solutions to provide them with core modules for content management and curation for delivering live and on demand sports to Australian consumers.

Vimond powers Kayo Sports’ Content Management, Content Delivery, monetisation and personalisation features for the Service support instant scalability whilst reducing operational costs.

Using Vimond VIA, the Kayo Sports team is able to manage, organise and enrich their video content with metadata and publish it to the service at the right time.  

The Vimond products and feature sets used by Kayo Sports include:

VIA video CMS: Vimond’s user-friendly interface available via a web browser, provides graphical interface access to all the core products as well as the optional add-ons. Using the VIA management and curation modules, the team organise content into structured hierarchies. The team can easily organise content in carousels, menus and featured lists, and the user-friendly interface and advanced search options ensure that lists are quick to create and straightforward to manage. The category tree can be deep or shallow (many versus few Subcategories), wide or narrow (many versus few top-level Categories). 

Additionally, in Vimond VIA the Kayo Sports team is able to manage:

  • License Windows, to ensure that content is only presented for viewers while the service provider has permission to use it for their audiences.
  • Schedule publishing Content to enable planning ahead of time, and new content to be released 24/7 outside of editorial team hours.
  • Related assets (linked asset relations) for relating extras and trailers and alternative versions
  • Schedule publishing Content to enable planning ahead of time, and new content to be released 24/7 outside of editorial team hours.
  • Related assets (linked asset relations) for relating extras and trailers and alternative versions
  • Chapters and index points for highlighting key scenes, additional information (intro points etc) and markers for ads.

VIA Monetise: is used to manage subscription products and content package access.

The editorial team can also bookmark their favourite views to make regular adjustments even easier.

Kayo Sports also uses the following end-user services available through Vimond VIA

● Content Discovery

Content Discovery APIs are used to fetch the correct data when a user is looking for new content or to promote newly added content in an end-user portal.  When a user searches for a specific asset, like a football match, the discovery APIs connect the search term with the most appropriate asset within the video CMS and present this to the end-user. 

● Play Service

Vimond Play Service is used to play the correct video content when a user requests to play a video. The Play service also remembers the end-users playing history and how much content a user has watched. This allows for resumed playback like “continue watching” and “resume from here”. It also determines what content a user can watch based on its subscription package. In addition,  the play service performs checks on geo-restrictions, which is important for a sports service where different content rights are added to the specific assets. The play service ensures that the end-user receives the best quality stream available whenever they log into their account to watch sports content.

● Sub-profile Service

Enabling multi–profiles within the account. It keeps track of how many profiles one can create within an account. The settings can be edited within VIA profile. Profile management ensures viewers aren´t sharing their subscriptions or letting too many people watch from their accounts.


With the implementation and use of the Vimond VIA Platform, the team behind Kayo Sports has been able to launch a global award-winning service dedicated to live and on-demand sports streaming that is delivering a new way to enjoy  sports from around the world.