How Vimond provides a reliable and stable OTT platform for MTV Finland.

MTV is the largest commercial broadcaster in Finland. MTV´s OTT service offers some of the most popular programs to watch online, including movies, series, children's programs, and sports. MTV is owned by Telia Company AB.

MTV aims to be the leading OTT service provider in Finland, with the best customer experience. Vimond provides a reliable and stable platform to support this goal, while MTV can focus more closely on the user experience and target customer needs better.

As an online TV provider, having a rock-solid system that can take on the workload is essential. With frequent changes in streaming technology and infrastructure, MTV was looking for a partner to take care of these challenges. MTV chose to outsource parts of their business as this helped them to focus on their core mission which is to offer a robust streaming service with the best possible content.

MTV Finland uses Vimond to power its video backend and content management system for the OTT services. With Vimond as a partner, MTV can focus on projects that directly support their business units: Client and user interface development, products, content and acquisition. 

A stable platform to handle user demands 

MTV offers a great range of sports such as Formula One, World Cup Hockey tournament, UEFA Champions League, Europa League and National Hockey League.

Using Vimond´s core offering, Vimond VIA, Vimond provides MTV with a platform that can always handle the customer demands, particularly in the cases where there are critical live sports events.

Having live sports events requires a system with the ability to handle major load spikes. Live sports events start at a certain time, and all customers login and start watching within a 15-min period. Many of them need to go through the payment process as well. Any failures during major sports events are very costly, as we need to refund in case something goes wrong. In reality, the service needs to work 100%. Improving the robustness of the service has been a joint effort with Vimond for the last 10 years, and has improved the service compared to the early years

- Jukka Lindström, System Architect