Thrive 360

Vimond provides content management services for the mental and emotional wellbeing platform, Thrive360, to organise and enrich vital metadata and export consumer behaviour data to inform the content strategy.

Thrive360 is a digital self-care platform consisting of practising doctors, therapists and topic experts addressing life’s issues on demand. It’s available on anything with a screen from phones, and computers, to VR headsets 24/7. 

Thrive connects its users to the best mental and emotional health professionals in the world without appointments, wait times, or the need to answer questions. Thrive360 streamlines the experience to get quality support from specialists in their fields. 

By moving the experience to a remote, immersive platform, Thrive360 has removed traditional barriers to access and provides quality mental and emotional healthcare resources to the masses. 

How Vimond supports Thrive360

Vimond was chosen by Thrive360 to remove scalability issues within their in-house built systems which were impeding their growth. One problem, in particular, was the lack of a comprehensive video CMS that could facilitate some of the team’s complex requirements and let the content be self-managed by the Thrive360 team. 

Instead of extending the custom-written CMS, Thrive360 decided to integrate Vimond to solve the complexity and focus its engineering time on functionality unique to Thrive360 which improves the experience and outcomes for the users. 

By using Vimond’s video CMS, Thrive360 has advanced abilities to group and organise all content in multi-level hierarchies. When Thrive360 enriches the metadata or tags, they are able to see what is effective in the data export of the consumer behaviour.  It is a cyclical process of tagging pivotal points in the video where there are specific therapies being used, exporting the data, and then Thrive360 can not only recommend similar content, but actually create more relevant content for their user - then the content is digested again, and the process continues.  It leads to faster time for impacting wellbeing on a hyper-personalized level.

Thrive360 can add chapters and index marks to the video timeline, with time-based metadata to pinpoint parts in their content where they may want to map out the end consumer behaviour thing like -  a specific element that is used in therapy that is effective - the number of times a piece of content is viewed, for how long, and on what device.

These tags enable real-time event stream and scheduled data exports to provide the insight needed to better serve audiences and make the service more successful.  This data gives Thrive360 the awareness to prescribe relevant content and show trends to inform content strategy. 

For example: building blocks for programs

Recommendations (if someone likes conscious + beach + anxiety, we can recommend like sessions)

This correlates to clinical outcomes as well to lead to greater diagnostic efficacy. For example, by being able to prove that a certain type of session, or session enhancement, Thrive360 can produce the best result in reducing blood pressure, this information can then be used to prescribe the right types of content to address certain issues and even help identify billing certain sessions to insurance carriers.

The Vimond products and feature sets used by Thrive360 include:

Video CMS and Curator:
Allowing the teams to organise and edit all metadata before curating the desired end-user experience

Insights - Data Export: Using the data from the platform, the team is able to gain a better perspective on their audience, catalog, and individual subscribers such as viewing device, length of view, and most viewed.

We have been able to accelerate the process of handling our video library by using Vimond's content management system. This is a very user-friendly tool that also seamlessly integrates with all of our systems. In addition, it provides us with the insight we need to continuously optimise our content offerings to our users

- Christy Lamka, Chief Operating Officer at Thrive 360.