Feature Releases

This version of the 2.X platform contains release candidates developed between January 2021 and April 2021.

The Vimond VIA 2.X-2021-04 Version

It is the third catch-up release before the delivery process can be properly streamlined to reduce time-to-production by being in step with the development cycle.

Product updates:

Release Date: 23. March 2021

Vimond IO - Feature Release

In this release we have provided a new feature supported by changes to our backend and user interface in the editor that allows any uploaded Image or Audio file to be stored as a source in the search provider list in the left hand panel in our editor. Additionally any voice over recording is stored. These are available in a new look list that sorts content types into discrete search providers.

Additionally it will now be possible to upload multiple files, including multiple types (image, audio & video) in a single upload action. This supports our belief that cloud editing should leverage single instance storage, providing more efficiency of making one file available to everyone instantly. By uploading once and using many times cloud editing will offer lower costs with a lower environmental impact.

Audio & Images Upload as Source Media - with multiple file upload support

The list of search providers is shown in the dropdown menu. For content that is uploaded manually via the UI, it is sorted into pre-set search providers common to all customer tenants. These are collections of content for audio & video (with or without audio, images and voice overs recorded on the timeline).

Adds the ability to set the publish flag in IO when publishing through the VIA platform. This speeds up the time to publish for VIA customers by giving the users the ability to skip the publishing step in VIA.

When publishing from Vimond IO to our VIA Content Management System, powering customers OTT
platforms, it is now possible to set a flag to “publish” those assets or not with a check box in the publish window that can be set by a user with an io-admin role as a Default.

The result will be assets created in the VIA platform are published and available for playback if available in the customers front end applications. Streamlining workflows for customers that just want to work in the Curation tool and trust all content is ready to be presented to the end users on the OTT platform. For customers that want a control step, the box can be unchecked requiring a manual “Publish” action in the VIA Content tool.

Release Date: 16. February 2021

Vimond IO - Feature Release

Vimond IO users are now able to add editable video and audio transitions to the timeline. These transitions can be cross dissolves, fade to/from black and audio fades. 

The update also includes enhancements to the Render Settings menu, renamed “Outputs”, enables custom names to be assigned to each render output, such as “Facebook Square”, “YouTube 16x9”, “Twitter Profile” and “CMS 16x9 - Clean”. 

In addition, users can choose to render their video file without graphics. This gives the users the ability to create renditions with branding for your customer facing platforms and a clean version for archiving, production or linear transmission workflows.