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April Roundup: ARMing our cost savings, DRM image grab, and More!

Take a look at the features and improvements that have hit our products since March and stay tuned for what we will be launching this summer!
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ICYMI: Self-Service Improvements in Feed Ingest

Monitoring and managing your ingests can be a time consuming and complicated task so we made it easier to know where the problems are. Take a look!
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YTD February Roundup: Free Trial Now Available, New Generic Payment Provider API, Ads, and More!

Take a look at the latest features and improvements that have hit our products so far this year. We are just getting started so stay tuned for more!
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Release Date: 6. July 2021

Vimond IO - Feature Release

This update have focused on improving the experience for users working with Two Factor Authentication (2FA), which is now an optional setting in the Settings menu where administrators can set it as on, off or optional per user. We have also added support for automatically displaying multiple audio streams as unique tracks when loaded to the timeline. The best thing about this feature is that any content uploaded with multiple audio streams, will see all tracks displayed when loaded to the timeline from this point forward.

This version of the 2.X platform contains release candidates developed between January 2021 and April 2021.

The Vimond VIA 2.X-2021-04 Version

It is the third catch-up release before the delivery process can be properly streamlined to reduce time-to-production by being in step with the development cycle.

Product updates:

Release Date: 16. February 2021

Vimond IO - Feature Release

Vimond IO users are now able to add editable video and audio transitions to the timeline. These transitions can be cross dissolves, fade to/from black and audio fades. 

The update also includes enhancements to the Render Settings menu, renamed “Outputs”, enables custom names to be assigned to each render output, such as “Facebook Square”, “YouTube 16x9”, “Twitter Profile” and “CMS 16x9 - Clean”. 

In addition, users can choose to render their video file without graphics. This gives the users the ability to create renditions with branding for your customer facing platforms and a clean version for archiving, production or linear transmission workflows.