Customise Your Streaming Ecosystem with Vimond's Solution Builder

Kristiane Ekrheim
October 17, 2023
Customise Your Streaming Ecosystem with Vimond's Solution Builder

Struggling to make sense of the numerous technologies and components needed for your streaming service? You're not alone. We recognise that a successful streaming service is a vast and intricate puzzle, and it's often confusing to understand how each piece fits into the bigger picture or what specific technology you might need. As a result, we created Vimond's Solution Builder. This innovative tool serves as your guide in navigating the streaming ecosystem, offering an overview of what partners and technologies are required for your specific needs. This ranges all the way from content ingestion to audience delivery, encompassing player technology, analytics, distribution, monetisation, and more.

Decoding the Streaming Ecosystem

Understanding what each component of the streaming ecosystem does and where it fits is crucial. Vimond's Solution Builder takes the complexity out of the equation. It provides a clear path, helping you define your unique streaming ecosystem.

The tool offers tailored recommendations for technology and service partnerships, taking into account your specific needs and goals. This means you get a customised blueprint for your streaming journey, indicating which components you should manage, which require third-party integration, and how they all come together seamlessly.  Keep in mind that while it's a powerful tool for streamlining your decision-making, consulting with a Vimond expert is always recommended. Our expertise can further fine-tune your streaming strategy and ensure it aligns perfectly with your unique requirements.

Spotlight on 3rd Party Partnerships

An essential feature of Vimond's Solution Builder is its insight into the third-party partnerships that Vimond collaborates with. With snapshots of these partnerships, you can effortlessly compare and evaluate different options, ensuring that your streaming service's requirements align with the best third-party solutions.

Why use Vimond's Solution Builder?

  • Customised Ecosystem: Vimond's Solution Builder tailors recommendations to your streaming service's unique requirements, helping you build a customised ecosystem.

  • Clear Integration Guide: The platform provides clarity in differentiating which components Vimond manages, which require third-party integrations, and how everything harmonises together.

  • Evolving Insights: Benefit from Vimond's industry expertise with continually updated insights and trends, ensuring that your streaming service remains competitive and relevant.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface ensures a smooth experience as you navigate your streaming ecosystem.

  • Central Role of Via OTT CMS: Vimond Via OTT CMS acts as the cornerstone of your streaming solution, providing scalability, control, and flexibility.
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