The news aggregator Flash is now live

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October 25, 2021
The news aggregator Flash is now live

Bergen– October 25, 2021 Vimond, the world’s leading provider of streaming and content management platform software for media companies in the broadcast industry, is proud to be associated with Flash, a first-of-its-kind dedicated live and on demand news streaming service.

After Foxtel Group´s successful launch of two services in the last two years, their third and latest addition to the streaming division went live on Thursday the 14th of October, the news aggregator Flash. Vimond has been an instrumental part of Kayo Sports, a sport streaming service offering over 50 sports live and on demand and BINGE, a dedicated entertainment streaming service. And now, with Flash, Vimond supports three running services concurrently. Flash offers Australians live and on demand news from over 20 leading global and local news sources.

Managing and organising all this video content is a key task for all streaming services. Foxtel services are powered by Vimond VIA, our online video CMS.

By supporting the Foxtel Group since the launch of Kayo, and then BINGE and now, the third streaming service in as many years, with Flash, we see that Vimond has the ideal set of tools for helping customers succeed with launching new products and establish new services in a cost effective and reliable manner. Flash will drive new customers to the platform showing the scalability and reliability of the platform that underpins all three services and which Vimond supports.

Robert Serena, SVP APAC in Vimond.

We are always excited to work with Vimond as a reliable and innovative partner. They are key in providing us with the platforms to create some great customer experiences. From day one, we have felt a good cultural fit in their professional and knowledgeable approach

Cora Spear, Director of Streaming Operations, Foxtel Group.

About Vimond Media Solutions

Vimond Media Solutions is today the most developed and proven OTT streaming platform provider since our beginning in 1998.

Vimond offers a modular, browser-based, online video content management platform with a highly efficient workflow for the delivery of OTT live streams and VOD. We also have a cloud-native video editing and distribution tool running in your browser.

We think OTT first and our workflows represent that thinking. We have tools and technologies that empower media companies aiming to make a big step into the future of video distribution. We are eager and able to support you in building your online video services!

With our modular and flexible solutions, you can manage, distribute, and monetise your live and on-demand video content with our cloud-based and industry-proven products.  

We believe that your OTT platform should be fast, flexible, and scalable to your needs. It is all about ensuring that the choices you make today are future-proof and increasing your chances of success in a market that is fiercely competitive. You cannot afford to be stuck in a system where creativity is lost and the cost of change is prohibitive. 

Vimond Media Solutions powers services from world-leading online TV brands, such as Comcast, Thomson Reuters, TV 2, TV4, Ausbiz, Streamotion, PLDT, Telstra, and many other leading broadcasters and service providers globally. All of our customers are market leaders and rely on Vimond products for their online TV services.

Vimond is a global and diverse organisation with over employees from more than 25 different nationalities. We have our headquarters in Bergen, Norway. 

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