Introducing Vimond VIA

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January 4, 2021
Introducing Vimond VIA

An update from Vimond - Introducing Vimond VIA

With the growth of our products, it is important to distinguish between our lightning-fast cloud editor, Vimond IO, and the full OTT experience that has now adopted the name Vimond VIA. For several years, we have had two separate product lines that work well both together and standalone. Some customers use only one product, whereas others use both. We want to present our portfolio for existing valued customers and new customers to clearly understand our products after the rebranding.

Our OTT platform is now called Vimond VIA.

We chose Vimond VIA as our name because we feel it relates to the experience that delight audiences connected via the Vimond products. Our platform delivers media content via the Internet, via the Vimond platform. Metaphorically speaking, we are the road between our customers and their consumers, and via fittingly means road in Italian, says EVP for Vimond VIA, Børre Sandvik.

In addition to streaming and content management, the VIA product line has several modules that each serve an essential purpose in managing a full OTT platform. All of these products will adopt the new VIA branding.

VIA Data: Real-time events or batches of data enables integration into 3rd party BI tools. VIA Data gives you visibility over your consumers viewing habits and subscriptions data for monetisation insights.

VIA Live: Combine live channels and electronic program guide (EPG) data in an efficient view to plan and monitor your content to your OTT service. VIA Live is a one-stop-shop for channel planning for linear EPG channels and ad-hoc events. Monitoring all your channels to save cost and speed-up your program creation, content ingestion and scheduling workflow.

VIA Monetise: Easily organise your subscription plans, create compelling content packages, map them to relevant content, and manage end-user payment. This is how you organise your content for growth.

VIA Orchestrate: Our powerful video engine lets you manage the flow of your videos from ingest, through  transcoding and DRM encryption, to playout.

VIA Profiles: When you know who your viewers are. Log-in, security and access control to Vimond VIA content. This includes managing subscriptions and content packages. Enforces that end-users only have access to content they are entitled to.

We rebranded our platform to better explain what each product does. Vimond has always provided customer solutions by combining our different modules according to customer needs. By simplifying the structure and defining fewer products we now believe that it is easier for all customers to understand our combined offering, says Børre Sandvik.

Vimond IO

Vimond IO is our lightning fast cloud-based collaborative video editor, specially made for news and sports broadcasters to meet the new demands of post video production. ‍IO can be accessed from anywhere directly in a web browser giving broadcasters, sports, and media organisations access to live and MAM sources in one place and the freedom to edit remotely and publish stories while they are still new.

The clarification of the platform line products makes it easier to understand how our cloud editing tool fits in towards the full solution, says Glenn S. Pedersen, EVP for Vimond IO.

In addition to rebranding the platform product line to Vimond VIA, we have also done an internal reorganisation of our engineering teams to match the new product offering. Today, our product lines have their dedicated teams, organised in Vimond business units. This ensures empowerment, focus and speed towards each product, and makes sure that you as a customer know who’s in charge of the products you use. We also saw that by making better use of talent and applying these skills to incorporate new technologies, we would further improve our products which is a direct benefit to our customers.

In Vimond we are passionate about our customers success. We would also very much like to help you solve tomorrow's challenges. Please reach out for a friendly conversation.
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