See us at the NAB Show 2024: Vimond joins forces with Dina and Mimir on Booth SL2124

Vimond Media Solutions
February 29, 2024
See us at the NAB Show 2024: Vimond joins forces with Dina and Mimir on Booth SL2124

Vimond is thrilled to announce our participation in the NAB Show 2024 as co-exhibitor with Dina and Mimir in the South Lower hall. 

Event Details:

  • Location: Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Date: April 14-17 
  • Booth: Fonn Group SL2124 (click to open the floor map)

Launching a new product for NAB

We are excited to introduce the VIA App Builder for the NAB Show, a groundbreaking new tool that lets you create dynamic streaming front-end applications effortlessly. 

Our latest innovation, designed to empower content creators and editorial teams, allows for creating dynamic, curated video streaming applications with unparalleled ease and efficiency, directly connected to the Vimond VIA platform.

The VIA App Builder is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking to: 

  • Engage their audience with video content.
  • Launch a video streaming application quickly and efficiently.
  • Build a dynamic video streaming application with a front end, pages, menus, carousels, sliders, and more.  
  • Streamline content management and delivery processes, eliminating the need for engineering involvement.

VIA App Builder provides a low barrier to entry for content creators, broadcasters, and corporate entities looking to launch their streaming services. By removing the complexities associated with application development and content management, VIA App Builder allows creators to focus on what truly matters: delivering compelling content to their audiences.

Follow us on LinkedIn for more information about the new product and the NAB Show.  

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