Staying ahead in a rapidly evolving media landscape - Interview with InBroadcast

April 26, 2024
Staying ahead in a rapidly evolving media landscape - Interview with InBroadcast

Stein-Erik from Vimond highlights the shifting dynamics of the media and broadcast industry, emphasizing the importance of cost efficiency and technological adaptability. As a pioneer in the OTT space, Vimond continues to lead with innovative solutions tailored to both top-tier and emerging broadcasters, ensuring they stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

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InBroadcast: Could you start by telling us where Vimond stands today in the media and broadcasting market?

Vimond is a seasoned player in the OTT space, evolving from Norway's TV 2. We've been pioneers in the streaming industry since the late '90s, becoming an independent entity in 2011. Our focus has been on developing cutting-edge streaming technology, supporting broadcasters globally, and continuously innovating both our products and market approaches.

InBroadcast: What trends are you observing in the technology landscape of the media and broadcasting industry, and how is Vimond adapting for the future?

The industry is shifting towards cost-efficiency, reflecting a more mature phase where optimising operations and reducing expenses is crucial. We're responding by enhancing our software to allow operations with fewer resources, making workflows more cost-effective and boosting productivity. This strategic shift enables us to serve not only top-tier clients but also mid-tier markets, adapting our pricing and features accordingly.

InBroadcast: What highlights are you showcasing at this year's NAB?

This year, we're excited to introduce enhancements to our core product, VIA. We've integrated a front-end app builder with our backend CMS to facilitate the development of iOS, Android, and web applications. This out-of-the-box solution expands our reach and caters to a broader audience, while still supporting extensive customisation for our larger clients through APIs.

Learn about the new VIA App Builder here.

Create dynamic streaming applications with VIA App Builder

InBroadcast:  Could you share more about your latest developments and your target audience for these innovations?

Absolutely. Our primary focus has traditionally been on tier-1 media entities like Comcast and Reuters. However, we're now expanding our reach to include tier-2 markets, encompassing local broadcasters and niche streamers in sectors like faith-based content and specialised sports. Recent projects include collaborations with TV Japan and NHK Cosmo Media America, highlighting our broadened focus.

Learn more about the NHK Cosmo Media America project here.

InBroadcast: What's next for Vimond?

Looking ahead, Vimond is set to enhance our support for live broadcasting and AVOD services. We're dedicated to improving ad integration to help our clients better monetise their content. Our ongoing work with our partner ecosystem aims to simplify package offerings and improve client interactions.

Vimond's trajectory in the streaming space illustrates a dynamic adaptation to the evolving demands of the broadcast and other industries. As we continue to lead with innovative solutions, our impact on media technology promises exciting developments for creators, broadcasters, editorial teams, and corporate entities worldwide. Are you interested in learning more and take the VIA platform for a spin? 

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