The Linear Experience with Vimond VIA

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April 6, 2022
The Linear Experience with Vimond VIA

We have become used to watching what we want, when we want it. But the drawback of VOD is the abundance of choice. Choice overload is paralyzing for many and often causes indecision. And perhaps, even worse, causes us to be more dissatisfied with our choices and ultimately the content provider. The linear distribution offers something VOD can’t - the lean-back experience - you enjoy watching something you didn't know you would like.


Therefore, we have combined the best of both worlds and improved the linear experience for streaming by adding feeds that automatically compile content, made to enhance user engagement and relevance. We call it “The Linear Experience using VOD2Live”. This draws the viewer in to watch something new that has a familiar feeling, but in a pleasantly unexpected and passive way, where the consumer dont have to choose a specific item to watch. 

The power of the linear experience

This linear experience gives broadcasters the power to create original experiences to reach niche audiences.  These unique encounters are driven either through curated editorial control or more programmatically by using smartlists to create further variation and personalisation.  Viewers watch the stream, built dynamically to their preference, in a linear fashion. 

How to curate a content list

Critical to the linear experience is an intuitive interface for curation which allows operators to simply drag and drop assets into a playlist, thus retaining editorial control to ensure brand integrity and narrative. Through curation, multiple VOD2Live experiences can be created, varied perhaps only by a title or two.  This enables aggregate variation tailored to profile sets without direct awareness of the end-user tastes. End-user experience can be further augmented through personalized smartlists which are auto-populated from recommendation engines or custom queries. Then the content is segmented to the relevant profiled user types.  The content curation workflow is provided by Vimond VIA, our video CMS. 

How to create the VOD to live experience

Using Unified Streamings remix VOD2live solution, we take a set of media assets originally prepared for VOD streaming and repurpose them into a live linear stream that gets pushed back to our video CMS and distributed for further playback. 

Want to know more about how we enable VOD2Live? Come meet us at NAB 2022! 

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