Vimond Media Solutions partners with Jump to enhance its OTT streaming offerings with data insight and predictive analytics

Vimond Media Solutions
September 8, 2022
Vimond Media Solutions partners with Jump to enhance its OTT streaming offerings with data insight and predictive analytics

BERGEN, Norway, September 8, 2022 - Vimond Media Solutions, the leading supplier of streaming and video solutions for the media and entertainment industry, has partnered with Jump, the pioneer behind the One-Stop-Shop data platform.

Vimond and Jump have strengthened their OTT offering by partnering up to provide OTT services with advanced data analytics to better help media companies, broadcasters, rights holders and content distributors to understand their consumer and content offerings.

Vimond VIA works as the central hub for ingesting, managing and publishing video content for streaming services, including monetisation capabilities. With Jump data and analytics offerings, customers can track and analyse content consumption patterns and content similarities in order to provide highly accurate video content recommendations to audiences of digital media services.

Jump offers great analytics, tightly focussed on the metrics and data that help OTT service owners understand and drive business outcomes, engaging viewers and growing global audiences.  With an emphasis on understanding the content catalogue, subscribers, and on actioning content to drive retention and monetisation, the combination of Jump with the advanced and flexible capabilities of Vimond VIA is an impressive force to be reckoned with, and will definitely give our customers the edge over their competitors in the streaming wars, says Craig Bird, SVP Product Management at Vimond

Adopting a Data-Driven Business approach by not only understanding what users want, how they consume, and how they behave but also effectively using the data collected to improve the customer experience to properly drive more holistic initiatives such as customer retention and advertising efforts is critical to delivering a unique user experience. And in an environment where there is an overwhelming supply of content and where consumers are increasingly demanding, going forward, data will play an even bigger role in the video landscape.

It will no longer be enough to treat it as an isolated activity that only affects the technology aspects of your service. Instead, a successful data strategy will have to be much more comprehensive and rooted in the overall business strategy and be very focused on delivering personalized and unique experiences to your audience, says Silvia Werd, Marketing Director at Jump Data- Driven.

About Vimond Media Solutions:

Vimond’s video content management system, Vimond VIA, allows broadcasters, telcos and other content rights-holders to ingest, manage and distribute their video library to their streaming services. Vimond VIA is a unique, modular, browser-based platform with highly efficient workflows for the delivery of OTT live streams and VOD. VIA modules can plug into any existing ecosystem or provide a complete solution from media acquisition to delivery. Vimond powers digital services from world-leading online brands, such as Comcast, Thomson Reuters, TV 2, TV4, Streamotion, PLDT, Telstra, and many other leading broadcasters and service providers globally. 

About Jump:

JUMP Data-Driven Video is the one-stop-shop for video services data needs. Powered by Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, its platform provides advanced insights and personalization to increase audience acquisition, retention, engagement, and marketing effectiveness. Companies such as NBC Universal, A&E, Vodafone, Hallmark, Pureflix, Canal+, among others, trust JUMP to get the most out of their users’ insights and become data-driven businesses.

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