April 25, 2022
Vimond Media Solutions

Vimond partners with System73

BERGEN, Norway, April 20, 2022 –Vimond Media Solutions, the world’s leading provider of streaming and video content management software for media companies in the broadcast industry announces its partnership with System73, the content data logistics company providing intelligent solutions that help content owners and OTT distributors increase their content delivery profitability.

Vimond offers a modular,browser-based, online video content management platform with a highly efficientworkflow for the delivery of OTT live streams and VOD.


Vimond’s modular and flexible VIA solutions allow users to manage, distribute,and monetize live and on-demand video content with cloud-based andindustry-proven products.


“We are excited to partnerwith System73. At Vimond, we are always keeping an eye on the latesttechnological innovations that can improve the experience for OTT viewers.System73’s AI-powered Edge solutions allow content owners to unlock an enormousamount of value and increase their profitability. We immediately saw the mutualbenefit of working together” – Fredrik Gunnestad, Vimond Media Solutions, CEO.


System73’s solution – Edge – encompasses two key offeringsdesigned to improve user experience in both Live and VOD content delivery. BothEdge solutions use AI-powereddecision-making to anticipate and forecast CDN congestion and route contentdelivery accordingly. Intelligent routing to avoid CDN congestion ensures thehighest possible video quality for the end-user, resulting in a much-improvedcustomer experience.


●     Edge Intelligence is a revolutionary AI solution for live content delivery. Using System73’s AI-powered decision-making, EdgeIntelligence, augments existing networking and drastically increases userexperience whilst also decreasing distribution costs by up to 50% per gigabytedelivered.

●     Edge Delivery is designed primarily for VOD content and enhances thebroadcaster’s multi-CDN solution.


System73 is also working onEdge Analytics – a data and analytics tool that will simplify the way in whichbroadcasters can monitor their delivery infrastructure.


“Vimond is a trustedpartner and innovator for many of the largest organisations in the industry andwe can’t wait to work together. We are very careful with who we partner withand Vimond were the perfect fit. Utilising the knowledge and experience ofVimond together with the revolutionary technology from System 73 we can helpre-shape the way the industry distributes live content. We can’t wait to getstarted.” - William Erbey, System73, Chairman


About Vimond Media Solutions:


Established in 2011 andbased in Bergen, Norway, Vimond powers services from world-leading online TVbrands, such as Comcast, Thomson Reuters, Telstra, and leading broadcasters andservice providers globally. Vimond offers a modular, browser-based, onlinevideo platform with a highly efficient workflow for delivery of OTT livestreams and VOD.  Vimond helpsbroadcasters and content owners succeed in the modern world of television.  Backed by powerful products and comprehensiveexperience, Vimond provides the platform for many award-winning "TVEverywhere" services for market leaders that rely on Vimond products fortheir online video services.


About System73:

Founded in 2015, System73is solving the toughest problems facing content owners, distributors,broadcasters and viewers — Quality of Experience issues caused by internetcongestion — while reducing cost and increasing revenue through artificialintelligence techniques and unrivalled data analytics. Our team has developed& patented technologies that enable better data analytics across the entirenetwork, incorporating artificial intelligence to deliver superior contentdistribution decisions. Solutions based on our Edge Intelligence and EdgeDelivery products have demonstrated to be ahead of the competition in terms ofQoE delivered while increasing the profitability of the service. We rely onclean data to fuel advanced optimization techniques that combine artificialintelligence/machine learning, multivariate optimization and data selectivityto provide superior data collection across the entire network. By providing theoptimal bit rate that increases customer retention, both audience churn andcost of operations are reduced.


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