Vimond Spins Off IO Cloud Editing Product to CuttingRoom

Vimond Media Solutions
April 20, 2022
Vimond Spins Off IO Cloud Editing Product to CuttingRoom

BERGEN, Norway, April 20, 2022 – Vimond Media Solution AS, the world’s leading provider of streaming and video content management software, today announced that the company’s cloud-native video editing and publishing SaaS platform Vimond IO has been sold to CuttingRoom AS

Following today’s transfer of the intellectual property assets of the IO platform to CuttingRoom, the team at Vimond will now focus exclusively on its market-leading VIA OTT CMS platform. 

Vimond VIA is an OTT video CMS is a video content management system solely built for streaming services to store, organize, and manage videos securely and effectively. VIA is modular, highly versatile and capable of providing streaming service operators maximum flexibility when creating appealing content experiences for their customers.  

The platform is highly scalable, ensuring that OTT operators who launch with Vimond can use VIA to grow their subscriber base to the levels that Vimond’s largest customers such as Telstra and Comcast have achieved.

“Our video CMS platform and the IO cloud editor are both cloud-based SaaS platforms designed for the broadcast media market, but they are targeted at different parts of the value chain,” said Fredrik Gunnestad, CEO of Vimond.

“While we believe that both products have great growth potential, they require different go-to-market approaches and separate development tracks.  Transferring the IO product out of Vimond will allow us to focus on OTT streaming, and for CuttingRoom to focus on the cloud editing space.  We felt that separating the products in this way was best for us and our customers.  We wanted to ensure both products received the focus they deserve.”

The team at CuttingRoom, led by Glenn Pedersen and Helge Høibraaten, will focus on expanding both the customer base and the capabilities of the IO cloud editing product, which has now been rebranded as CuttingRoom. The product is already used by many premier media and entertainment companies including Foxtel Group for its recently launched Flash news aggregation service.

For further information regarding this transaction, please contact Fredrik Gunnestad, CEO of Vimond. He can be reached at

About Vimond Media Solutions: 

Established in 2011, Vimond powers services from world-leading online TV brands, such as Comcast, Thomson Reuters, Telstra, and leading broadcasters and service providers globally. Vimond offers a modular, browser-based, online video platform with a highly efficient workflow for the delivery of OTT live streams and VOD.  Vimond helps broadcasters and content owners succeed in the modern world of television.  Backed by powerful products and comprehensive experience, Vimond provides the platform for many award-winning "TV Everywhere" services for market leaders that rely on Vimond products for their online video services. For more information please visit


About CuttingRoom:

Our mission is to help the world’s leading media and entertainment companies successfully migrate content production to the cloud. CuttingRoom operates the world’s fastest and most responsive cloud-native, browser-based video editing and publishing SaaS platform.  It allows content teams at media companies of all sizes to edit live and file-based content from any internet-connected location, with no need for special hardware or software, and then publish that content to traditional broadcast and social media endpoints. Our API-based, open architecture approach allows CuttingRoom to be integrated easily with other cloud-native components in the media production workflow.  For more information please visit

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