Kristiane Ekrheim
August 31, 2021

Easily manage your online video content

Streaming providers need a way to efficiently manage their online video content. Having the right tools to do the job is crucial to succeed. But what exactly does that involve and why?

The keyword : Cloud-native

Cloud-native: A buzzword we keep hearing about. Using tools that are cloud-native is a game-changer for a streaming provider looking to improve and update their traditional workflow. Because everything is running in the cloud, several challenges are removed and multiple benefits are added. Let´s elaborate.

Collaboration efficiency - No more fragmented workflows between departments.

To manage a streaming service, you need involvement from several departments; marketing, product, programming, editorial, news and sports. And all of these departments are required  to contribute to the streaming service. The necessity of all departments working together proves the advantage of the platform´s true potential. However, for many media organisations today, the systems are not built for collaboration between departments; with overly complex workflows often siloed or completely decoupled from each other.

By moving your workflow to a cloud-native environment, you also remove these  challenges.


Having the platform running in the cloud means that the content will scale automatically. No matter the number of viewers, the platform will scale accordingly giving all the users the best streaming experience. This means that you don't have to pay for usage, unless it is actually used.

One tool, several workflows, available from anywhere for easy collaboration.

With our CMS, Vimond VIA, we can offer you a solution where different workflows are gathered into one OTT system which can scale across staff and departments. Because this tool is built in the cloud, it allows for flexible and scalable content operations, while being accessible in a browser from anywhere.  

With Vimond VIA you have the ability to easily ingest, manage and distribute all your content within the same user interface. This includes everything from content ingestion, asset management, monetisation and curation, to scheduling and publishing of both live and VOD assets (for more details click here). Because everything is available from the same platform that runs in the cloud, you reduce manual efforts while also saving cost.

Flexibility - Work together, from wherever you are

Our cloud based architecture is flexible and scalable supporting customers with over 25 million registered users, and can be tailored to your needs. Vimond VIA is based on open APIs and built on micro-services architecture, so we can offer the functionality you need into your end-to-end OTT eco-system.You can define your own metadata model to serve your needs. With Vimond VIA you get a flexible configuration and setup that enables you to integrate with your preferred 3rd party vendors for media service, CDN, payment providers and other services.

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