From Production to Distribution: Enhancing Digital Video Workflows with Mimir and Vimond VIA

Kristiane Ekrheim
March 30, 2023
From Production to Distribution: Enhancing Digital Video Workflows with Mimir and Vimond VIA

As the popularity of streaming services continues to grow, many services have emerged from the broadcast industry. However, when digital teams and broadcast teams collaborate to manage a streaming service, they may encounter challenges such as communication and interaction barriers between teams and technologies, as well as difficulties in accessing various systems. Many broadcasters are accustomed to working with a MAM-system, while digital teams may prefer using different systems like a video CMS to manage their videos. This can result in extra time spent managing the video assets, resulting in a distribution delay. 

So, what can organizations do to overcome these challenges?

One solution is to combine a video CMS with a cloud-native PAM and MAM platform.

That's why we teamed up with our partner Mjoll to create an integration between their cloud-native production asset management and AI platform, Mimir, and our video CMS, Vimond VIA. By merging these systems, we eliminate the inconvenience of navigating through multiple platforms while also adding an extra set of powerful features. The integration offers a comprehensive range of features, including production asset management, archive capabilities, and object-store functionalities. Additionally, AI technologies enable automatic metadata enrichment, while the easy-to-use asset management and curation capabilities in Vimond VIA makes it easy to distribute videos to any front-end.

Moreover, digital teams can create highlights, trailers, and teasers to aid with promotion and make information available, making it easier for audiences to find relevant content. The integration also provides data that enables more powerful and accurate content recommendations.

By combining Mimir and Vimond VIA, we address a wide range of needs across the organisation, driving efficiency and autonomy, while also increasing agility and speed to market of content for digital distribution. This is particularly useful for time-critical workflows such as news content.

Does this sound interesting? Get in touch to learn more about how this integration can benefit your organisation.

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