NAB - Where Partnerships Abound

Megan Wagoner
April 25, 2022
NAB - Where Partnerships Abound

This year at NAB, Vimond has focused on our partnerships in addition to product innovation.  We have relationships with technical partners and content partners that will be highlighted in presentations, booths, panels, and software demos.  As a technology vendor that provides a robust OTT CMS, we at Vimond are aware that VIA is a part of the overarching streaming ecosystem as a whole.  Let’s take a look at who we are partnering with to help make our customers whole with all their streaming needs.

First up, Bimovin and Accenture.  We are continuing our technical relationship with Bitmovin with several new commercial deals together. Sunday night, there is a joint happy hour hosted at the Bitmovin W10109 booth in the LVCC along with technical consultant partner, Accenture.  The event will celebrate the successful partnership and execution of  Accenture, Vimond and Bitmovin’s contemporary, world-class Integrated Video Platform (IVP) solution.  This solution is ideal for networks and publishers distributing live/linear channels and digital VOD experiences ready to make the jump or extend their operations to the cloud. By centralizing channel origination and distribution, teams can avoid forked development and siloed, one off workstreams. During deployment of the IVP, a team of experts from three leading companies guides the implementation to ensure its success.

Second, Vimond will spotlight a unique use case with commercial partners, Thrive360 and the developers at StratusGrid.  You can catch a detailed synopsis of our project together during a Tuesday morning IABM panel with Thrive360 founder Joe Woskow, and StratusGrid CEO, Christ Hurst.  Here’s the abstract:  Streaming platform for mental and emotional healthcare, Thrive360, explains how immersive VR and data enhances well-being and improves diagnostic efficacy. Development partner, StratusGrid, provides insight into the technical approach.  Thrive360 details statistical success and discusses with IABM member, Vimond, why managing metadata within an OTT CMS enables repeatable outcomes and informs evolving content strategy.

Thrive360 CKO, Christy Lamka and I will be on the SMPTE at NAB stage on Sunday morning taking a close look at how immersive streaming technology is making an impact.  Here is our summary: Science-driven, medically-proven experience platform for mental and emotional healthcare, Thrive360, will present how immersive VR and data enhances mental well-being and opens the door to other industries to follow their success story.  Thrive360 CKO, Christy Lamka, will walk through the Thrive360 journey with Vimond SVP, Megan Wagoner, who will explain how managing metadata increases the time to patient impact and enhances therapeutic sessions- making each 

While this is Thrive360’s first NAB, they will be seen throughout the show in most cases, alongside Vimond.  Additional places you can see Thrive360 & receive a complimentary wellbeing session are:

  • Bitmovin booth each day from 4-6pm PT
  • Women’s Leadership Summit Wellness lunch on Tuesday
  • Women in Streaming Media Happy Hour on Tuesday 

Vimond will be on hand at these events to help answer technical questions.

Moving to content partners, Vimond will showcase a new PoC of Vimond and Reuters Connect Marketplace.  The partnership enables Marketplace content natively from within the Vimond VIA video CMS, allowing existing and new VIA operators to take advantage of a global news, media, sports, and entertainment content repository directly and pre-integrated from day 1.  This opens up the playing field for tailored content playlists for those that are interested in starting new streaming services, or those just looking for a global media feed.

There is so much to do and so many people to see at the NAB Show this year.  I can’t wait to see everyone there.

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