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Bring your live channels online - effortlessly!

Live Channel Planner lets you combine live channels and electronic program guide (EPG) data in an efficient view to plan and monitor your content to your OTT service. Live Channel Planner is a one-stop-shop for channel planning for linear EPG channels and ad-hoc events. Monitoring all your channels to save cost and speed-up your program creation, content ingestion and scheduling workflow.

  • Create, manage and monitor all your live channels and events simultaneously
  • Easily scale to a large number of streams while being extremely cost effective as no hardware needs to be preprovisioned.
  • Work with multiple channels at the same time in the channel timeline view. This gives you a great overview of what is going on across your channels.
  • Reduces the risk of errors and avoid the need for redundant work in the user-friendly interfaces 

Manage all your channels in a single user-interface

With live channel planner, broadcast and content providers can manage all their linear channels to their streaming service in a single user-interface that provides a flexible setup so they can reach their audience with live content online. 

Automate your channels

Through automating your EPG scheduling, Live Channel Planner removes the manual workload previously needed to schedule and publish channels. 

  • Schedule your assets to be recorded automatically from
    Live-to-VOD to ensure your live asset is available as a separate VOD asset as soon as the live events have completed. 
  • Manage Catch-Up rules for Live content automating DVR windows and permissions for content. 
  • Publish playback URLs for Live events to the front end
  • Flexible APIs for building automated workflows


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