Keep track of streaming data

Real-time data tracking

An OTT service exposes a wealth of data, from player stats, to website analytics and app information. VIA Data enables you to aggregate data from a variety of sources into a data warehouse or an advanced analytics system.

VIA Data supports you by providing data from the platform to complement and combine with other sources available, and can help build a clearer picture of your audience, catalogue and individual subscribers.  This information contributes to developing insight and measuring the success of your service.

Get the information you need

There are several different data types and mechanisms available, depending on your needs, and available through push and pull API. Data falls into three distinct categories and may include:

Content & Catalogue:  changes to content catalogue, including category structure and promotional lists.

System Users:  a record of video files created, published and unpublished by users of Vimond VIA to help understand availability of content to audiences and provide an audit trail.

Viewer and Audience:  behavioural trail of activity from your audience, including creation of playlists, sign up and unsubscribe, registration and management of devices and account profiles.

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