Making video workflow management simple

VIA Orchestrate is a workflow engine to help you manage your video pipeline from ingest through transcoding and DRM encryption, to playout. VIA Orchestrate makes video workflow management simple,  and does not require editorial staff to be video processing experts.  Video can be ingested from live and VOD content and transcoded.

  • Robust, resilient and fault-tolerant
  • Dynamic and reliable end-to-end monitoring 
  • Feed ingest data validation
  • Sideloading of subtitles
  • The geolocation and data center/CDN mapping feature has advanced algorithms enabling highly distributed and cost-efficient streaming server locations
  • Ingest of on-demand content manually, automatically, or by API
  • Auto import with metadata from watch folders 
  • Subtitles and multi-language Audio can be added to assets without re-transcoding.
  • Support for video ad insertion, as pre/mid/post-rolls (requires ad system integration)

Manage and monitor video and metadata ingest, transcoding, encoding, file archiving, asset metadata storage, streaming server integration, DRM encryption, packaging and distribution.

Assets can be stored on-premise or in the cloud, providing you with flexibility and scalability that suits your needs. VIA Orchestrate supports multiple CDNs for content distribution.

VIA Orchestrate also supports content protection from optional DRM providers. With DRM protection you can prevent users from copying, redistributing, or converting content which is not explicitly authorised by the content provider.

The default setup consists of AWS MediaConvert, AWS MediaPackage, AWS CloudFront and castLabs DRM.


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