Reliable and fast cloud transcoding

Making video workflow management simple

VIA Orchestrate is a video on demand workflow solution to route your VOD pipeline through the Vimond VIA OTT platform. With seamless integration into the Vimond VIA streaming and content management system, VIA Orchestrate is the plug and play video pipeline solution for OTT, meaning you don't need access to video processing expertise to get up and running.  

Adaptive streaming - supporting multiple formats

VIA Orchestrate comes with out-of-the box default settings and processing profiles, designed to retrieve your original content files, transcode them and package them up into a range of formats suited for your viewer devices and in different bitrates for adaptive streaming to ensure your audience always gets the best quality content.

Utilising the best of cloud-technology

VIA Orchestrate is a cloud-native solution, utilising the benefits of multi-tenant, serverless, and stateless cloud technologies. With VIA Orchestrate, companies can easily manage video pipelines for distribution of all their video, and it is also extensible with cloud-based services for companies with more advanced needs.

Monitoring dashboard

A monitoring dashboard displays the progress of all your videos in progress. Protect your streams by applying DRM before distribution with a DRM partner that supports SPEKE. VIA Orchestrate is the engine behind some of the world´s major OTT entertainment services and underpins fast-paced breaking news services.

Prepare your content for any audience 

VIA Orchestrate covers the principal needs of many organisations, to bring your VOD content to viewers, and with the global appeal by supporting multiple subtitles and audio tracks for multi-language content.  Ingested manually or by automated feed, VIA Orchestrate will retrieve, transcode, package statically or dynamically, distribute, and publish back to Vimond VIA ready for playout to audiences worldwide (or geo restricted!).  

It's time to build an amazing video streaming service for your content.

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