Individual viewer experiences

When you know who your OTT viewers are, and they login, VIA Profiles enables you to create richer personal experiences to keep audiences watching, engaged, and coming back for more.

VIA Profiles helps you manage your viewer journeys and experiences.  Connect with Vimond Identity Access and Management, or external authentication providers, to enable access and control for viewers logging into your service, and enable set up of sub-profiles for family members.

Define data and build profile information to better understand each individual viewer.  Track their subscription, billing and transaction history, and segment users by attributes, devices and location to better target relevant content to keep them connected.

Email communication paths make it easy to automate sign-ups, renewals, purchase confirmations and password resets.

VIA Profiles enables all the individual and personalised experiences that viewers expect from an OTT streaming service

VIA Profiles provides the capability you need to efficiently manage your customers’ experiences

It's time to build an amazing video streaming service for your content.

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