Navigating Stormy Waters: Why Media Organizations Should Embrace Partner Solutions for Growth

Discover how strategic partnerships can unlock valuable advantages when facing the challenges of building a robust streaming ecosystem

Kristiane Ekrheim & Stein Erik Sørhaug

September 26, 2023

If you've been grappling with the challenge of piecing together a comprehensive streaming ecosystem, this article is for you.  In times of uncertainty, collaboration and partnership can provide the stability needed to weather the storm.

Implementing an end-to-end solution can be a daunting task for any organization, given its intricate components and diverse technologies. Managing this in-house can result in ongoing operational expenses that tend to escalate due to the growing complexity and adaptability challenges, making it less responsive to shifting consumer trends.

Similarly, depending on a single monolithic vendor can prove constraining in terms of specialized subject matter expertise and scalability, as the vendor typically concentrates solely on a subset of the technology stack. This can result in media organizations being locked into a limited feature roadmap.

Collaborating with reliable solution providers can ensure that organizations gain access to the necessary tools and support to tackle challenges effectively. This approach involves distributing technological advancements across various specialized vendors, which helps decrease the need for custom integration and software maintenance. Consequently, it significantly reduces the overall cost of ownership for these solutions while simplifying complexity and enabling more rapid and targeted feature development. Ultimately, this empowers media companies to adapt to evolving circumstances and emerge even stronger on the other side.

Unifying Streaming Excellence

Through our strategic partnerships with Edgio, Accedo, Grabyo, and Bitmovin, we're uniting leading streaming companies to assist media and broadcast organizations to seamlessly manage the entire process with a single service partner. By doing so, we enable media companies to shift their focus from navigating the complexities of a streaming workflow to what they do best: creating innovative content.

Why Does This Matter to You?

1. No vendor lock-in: In today's challenging macro-economic climate and the gloomy outlook it brings, the significance of seeking partner solutions cannot be overstated. These partnerships offer a lifeline to reduce risk in vendor lock-in, which has become increasingly crucial as we witness vendors struggling to adapt to changing times or even disappearing altogether. Partnering with reliable solution providers can provide the stability and assurance needed to navigate turbulent waters.

2. Easy and flexible access to APIs: a joint partner approach provides a gateway to flexibility through APIs, enabling media organizations to boldly experiment in new areas, incorporate cutting-edge technologies, and tap into the combined industry expertise and awareness of their partners.

3. Reduce cost on in-house development: There's an added benefit in avoiding the burden of maintaining a large and costly in-house development team. By relying on trusted partners, organizations can streamline operations and allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring that they remain agile and adaptable in the face of ever-evolving challenges. Furthermore, working with a proven technology ecosystem allows you to leverage ready-made integrations, eliminating the need to invest in and maintain custom integrations. This not only reduces costs but also enhances operational efficiency, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives.

4. Access expertise: By fostering partnerships with industry-leading companies, you not only eliminate the need to maintain a roster of in-house experts but also receive the invaluable benefit of aggregate industry knowledge. These external experts are deeply immersed in their specific niches, constantly engaged in ongoing learning. This ensures that their offerings stay at the forefront of innovation, and you gain continuous access to teams dedicated to staying ahead of the curve

Meet the Key Players

Each company is contributing unique solutions to create a cohesive streaming ecosystem, under a single managed service umbrella:

Accedo: App Development 

Accedo ensures a consistent, high-quality representation of brands across all streaming platforms. Their custom templates and bespoke development create state-of-the-art User Experience (UX) solutions, seamlessly integrated with Vimond and Bitmovin for an end-to-end solution.

Bitmovin: Video Player + Analytics 

Bitmovin's Video Player guarantees flawless playback and viewing experiences across a wide range of devices. Their real-time analytics monitor user session data, addressing any playback issues before they impact viewers. Bitmovin Analytics offers invaluable industry insights by benchmarking various performance metrics.

Edgio: Uplynk Platform, CDN Delivery, and Managed Service Provider

Edgio will serve as the managed service provider for the entire ecosystem, working with companies to integrate technologies across the entire streaming tech stack. Uplynk, Edgio's platform, empowers media companies to deliver high-quality streaming experiences globally, reducing time-to-market and driving operational scale. Edgio's expert services enhance time-to-market and ROI.

Vimond: Content Management System (CMS) 

With our video CMS, Vimond VIA, we enable customers to provide contextual metadata, curating content for users in apps and websites. From media ingest to distribution, Vimond's VIA product offers a flexible and user-friendly CMS to handle videos.

Grabyo: Cloud-native video production and distribution platform

A modern, lightweight and powerful SaaS solution with all the tools needed for live broadcasting and events. The service can scale from single operator digital streams to multi-camera productions with a larger remote team, combined with integrated live clipping, editing and publishing tools.With the recent addition of SCTE-35 ad marker insertion, Grabyo supports ad breaks for monetization across linear broadcast, FAST and OTT platforms, as well as supporting YouTube Ad markers.

So, as we confront the storm on the horizon, these partnership solutions offer a solid foundation guiding you on a path towards growth and resilience. These partner solutions allow media organizations to minimize risk, embrace change, and ultimately thrive in an industry where adaptability and innovation are key to survival. In an era defined by unpredictability, one thing is clear: collaboration and partnership is the rudder that will help us stay the course.

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