How a Video CMS Can Help News and Editorial Stay Ahead of The Game

Kristiane Ekrheim
March 16, 2023

There are several reasons why news and editorial organisations should have a video content management system (CMS) integrated into their web CMS:  

  1. Video is a popular medium: this kinda goes without saying. However, studies have shown that videos can increase engagement with readers and viewers. By incorporating video into your editorial and news content, organisations can increase the time spent on their website and improve the overall user experience. Additionally, video content can help establish the organisation as a thought leader in their respective industry.
  1. Revenue generation: Video content can be monetised through advertising, sponsorships, and partnerships. By having a video CMS, organisations can easily manage and track the performance of their video content, which can be used to attract advertisers and sponsors.

  2. Enhanced storytelling: Video can be a powerful medium for storytelling, enabling organisations to bring their news and editorial content to life in a way that text-based articles cannot. By incorporating video into their content strategy, organisations can better connect with their audience and convey their message in a more engaging and memorable way.

  3. Integration with other systems: A video CMS can be integrated with other systems such as analytics tools and AI, enabling organisations to better track, manage and optimise the performance of their video content across various platforms. This can provide valuable insights into audience engagement and help organizations make data-driven decisions about their content strategy.

How does using a video CMS differ from embedding video content into a web CMS?

A video CMS provides a centralised platform for managing your video content, offers customisation options to match your brand, enables monetisation, and provides detailed analytics to help optimize your video strategy.

In contrast, embedding videos is limited in terms of player customisation and does not provide the same level of control and functionality that a dedicated video CMS can offer. 

Ultimately, using a video CMS can provide news and editorial organisations with a more comprehensive and powerful solution for managing their video content.

Vimond can give you a helping hand 

In collaboration with Labrador CMS, Vimond offers a fully integrated solution to incorporate video into a web CMS. Specifically designed to meet the needs of digital newspapers, magazines, local TV stations, and global media and entertainment companies, this solution makes the process of creating articles with integrated video content efficient and smooth.

With a drag-and-drop workflow that allows for the easy addition of video content to articles, this solution results in a more engaging and immersive experience for customers. Additionally, Vimond's solution offers the ability to curate video content in categories to promote related videos. Furthermore, this solution enables you to monetise your video content with ads to generate new revenue. By giving journalists complete control of their workflows through an efficient editorial experience, Vimond's video CMS is a valuable asset for news and editorial organizations seeking to incorporate video content into their web CMS.

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