Inspire your audience

Drive your sales and keep your retention high by serving your customers your best content. Content Curator lets you feature your assets in beautiful carousels, panels, and lists, creating and engaging experiences across your portals and devices. 

Make it personal

Serve your customers with your most relevant content at the right time. In today's digital age, where viewers can choose from unlimited sources,  they expect services like yours to meet their requirements and taste. That's why Content Curator combines your editors' cultural skills with the power and scale of automatic content aggregation to deliver the optimal experience – every time.

Simplify your workflow

Thanks to our user-friendly interface, advanced search-and-filtering options, and batch functionality, editors can manage all content on time while having full creative freedom – within your specified boundaries.


  • Feature content in carousels
  • Create, modify, and publish collections
  • Find content with a powerful search
  • Lock items to prevent accidental editing
  • Efficient batch operations
  • Customize metadata fields
  • Add rich imagery
  • Archive collections and assets as needed

Other Add-ons